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About Inspired Tuition

  • Inspired Tuition Agency is a Singapore -based registered tuition agency with an aim to make a difference in the tuition industry. Our Registered number is 53196331D.
  • Inspired Tuition Agency manages each of our clients’ relationship with the highest degree of PROFESSIONALISM, INTEGRITY, CONFIDENTIALITY, TACT and URGENCY.
  • Inspired Tuition Agency provides services that would enable your child to soar academically. This includes private tuition services to students from Kindergartens and Primary/Secondary Schools to Junior Colleges and Polytechnics & University.
  • Inspired Tuition Agency believes in educating your child holistically. Thus, we are also offering tuition services for Non-Academic Courses.
  • Inspired Tuition Agency aims to search out tutors that fit all your requirements- in terms of availability of day, timing, qualifications and experience. Also, we aim to assign tutors receiving consistent positive feedback to you.
  • Inspired Tuition Agency goes an extra mile to gather feedbacks regarding our tutors from parents and students in a periodical manner. By doing so, we have the best understanding of tutors’ performance and qualities. Thus, we are able to cater a suitable tutor to match with your child’s learning needs.
  • Inspired Tuition Agency sends profiles of tutors to clients, to ascertain their creditability and also encourage clients to speak to the tutors before each assignment is confirmed.
  • Inspired Tuition Agency strongly believes that a tutor should commit to the assignment at least until the next major exam (E.g. Mid-year, Final-year examination). We do not accept tutors who lack responsibility and commitment.
  • Inspired Tuition Agency does not accept any tutor based on academic qualifications alone. We value INTEGRITY above all things.