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Dear Inspired Tutors

  • Inspired Tuition Agency seeks to provide employment opportunities for potential tutors who enjoy tutoring and assisting students to reach their full potential academically.
  • Inspired Tuition Agency does not accept any tutor based on academic qualifications alone. We value INTEGRITY above all.
  • Inspired Tuition Agency has a strict policy on cheating cases. If discovered tutor account will be closed permanently and a police report may be made.
  • INSPIRED TUTORS to take note of the following guidelines before registering your profile.
    • INSPIRED TUTORS must be at least 18 years of age.
    • INSPIRED TUTORS Registration is free of charge.
    • INSPIRED TUTORS are charged a one-time agency commission fee of 50% of the first month’s tuition fee (pls refer to our terms).
    • INSPIRED TUTORS will collect the full payment from the clients after the 1st month onwards.
    • INSPIRED TUTORS who have decided to terminate the assignment before the 1st month (eg before completion of 4/8/12 lessons depending on the frequency per month) will not receive any payment for the lesson. This also includes causing inconvenience to parents, empty promises, unprofessional, did not provide any sufficient reasons within 24 hrs of absent. Inspired Tuition Agency reserve the right to terminate tutor given assignment without prior notice if tutor is uncontactable or did not response to us within 24 hours after several attempts to call or sms them.
    • INSPIRED TUTORS are required to produce original copies of all necessary academic and professional certifications, documentations and identification (e.g. NRIC or Passport) on your first lesson for verification by the client.
    • INSPIRED TUTORS Account will be closed if there is submission of false or inaccurate information pertaining to grades, results, testimonials, academic or professional qualifications or fail to turn up for the first lesson.
    • INSPIRED TUTORS are to refrain from displaying poor teaching etiquette such as using your mobile devices during lesson time, failing to observe punctuality, engaging in dishonest acts or any other forms of behavior deemed unacceptable by Inspired Tuition Agency. Such tutors will be blacklisted and hence removed from our database
    • Inspired Tuition Agency will perform an appropriate matching of students to tutors. SMSes will be sent out to our various tutors and the assignments would be matched on a first-come, first-serve basis. Registering yourself as an Inspired tutor means you have read, agreed and abide with our Terms of Use (Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy-Data Protection) including receiving Inspired smses, emails and calls for tuition assignments.

A good tutor motivates progress and challenges unproductively.Spread your passion for learning. Earn an extra income. Fill in the registration form, upload your photo and certificates, and you are done.


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