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Dear Inspired Clients

  •  Inspired Tuition Agency carefully screens candidates and then matches their qualifications and personalities to your specific requirements.
  • Our dedicated team of Inspired Tuition coordinators assesses your needs and helps you get the most suitable tutor at the shortest possible time.
  • Inspired Tuition Agency believes that if you would like a good tutor, one whom tutors with passion and excellence, you cannot afford to scrimp on your rates, we would be glad to offer you our honest advice on the present market rates.
  • Inspired Tuition Agency carries out all the sourcing, paperwork, negotiation and other arrangements for free. Commission is charged from the tutors.
  • Inspired Clients may submit your request via an online form Request Tutors, by calling or simply by SMS or Email. The fastest way would be to call us at our Hotline 92299672(Contact Us)
  • Inspired Tuition Agency will then assign your tuition request to a coordinator. A call will be make to you shortly to reconfirm your requests and requirements.
  • Getting Started
    Welcome! Thank you for filling up this tutor request form. We'll call you up soon to confirm your request.
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Please read the Inspired Clients Terms & Conditions and agreed before submitting this request form.

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1. Payment Matters:

  • Inspired Tuition Agency will send an electronic bill to your email after the completion of the first lesson. If you do not have an email address, we will just send payment instructions by SMS. For the first month, the tuition fee received will be divided equally (50%) between the tutor & Inspired Tuition Agency. In the event if the tuition is terminated or discontinue, client will only required to pay the number of lessons conducted by the tutor to Inspired Tuition Agency.
  • Payment Mode

    For FUNDS TRANSFER VIA POSB/DBS/ UOB  INTERNET BANKING, ATM OR CASH DEPOSIT, please transfer the correct amount to:

     POSB Savings Account : 274-02111-0

     UOB Savings Account: 141-107-795-6

For Internet Transfer (Preferred) please indicate your name.
For ATM Transfer/Cash deposit please retain the transaction receipt as proof of payment.

After making payment, kindly notify us by sending us an SMS or giving us a call @ 92299672. Once we have checked that the payment is received, we will send a verification SMS to your mobile number.

You have 14 days to make payment from the date the bill (soft copy or SMS) is sent. Payment is IMMEDIATE if the tuition lesson is a short term assignment (eg. one month or less) inclusives of lesson that is terminated, stop or cancelled. Whereas any late payment an administratives fee of 10% of the total Agency comm applies.

2. The assigned Inspired Tutors will teach at the residence of the customer by default unless otherwise indicated by you and you are to provide a reasonable environment for the conduct of lessons.

3. Rates are obtained based on the Inspired Tutor's qualifications and relevant experience & are non-negotiable for the first month. The published tutor rates in our web page tuition rates served only as a guide and may varies due to tutors’ experience and other values.

4. For the 1st Lesson: You are required to make arrangements with your Inspired Tutor with regards to teaching resources. Please state your expectations and requirements clearly.

5. Inspired Tutors are instructed to bring their qualifications certificates on the first lesson and are encouraged to show the certificates to the clients. You are required to check the credentials and certificates of the tutor on the first lesson. It is your responsibility to ensure that the tutor's credentials and qualifications are satisfactory.

6. Service Provided:

  • Inspired Tuition Agency does not guarantee improvements in the tutee's grades as many factors are involved in teaching and learning that are beyond our control.
  • Inspired Tuition Agency will work towards the improvement of your child by matching and providing the most suitable tutor according to your requirements that you provide us with.
  • Inspired Tuition Agency will remind both the tutor and client about the commencement of the tuition one day before the first lesson.

7. First Lesson Review

  • After the first lesson, we will call the client (parent or student) to feedback on how the lesson went. If it went smoothly, we will proceed with billing.

8. Replacement of Inspired Tutor:

  • If you have found the tutor to be unsuitable for any reason, we will assist you in making a swap. We will collect the tuition fee for completed lessons and reimburse the tutor.
  • There is no administrative fee for Replacement of tutors.

9. Inspired Tuition Agency will not bear any responsibility or be liable for any damages arising from using our web page.

10. Inspired Clients are not allowed to misused and disclosed the Inspired Tutors personnel data in whatever so and should be treated as confidential information which means all information relating to Inspired Tutors personnel data(including tutor photograph and certificate) by verbal communication, email and download from Inspired Tuition web page etc. which is marked confidential. When client requested for a tel-conversation with the tutor, please note that such as an attempt to offer  tuition discount so as they would fake an early assignment cancellation for the sake of lowering the commission levied on you or any forms of cheating attempt during an interview with the tutor via phone conversation. You will be liable in compensating our losses and a police report will be made.

11. Inspired Tuition Agency is not responsible for any legal action that may arise between tutor and client.

12. Inspired Clients shall have no claim against Inspired Tuition Agency for compensation in any event eg. no -show, time lost etc.

13. The above terms and conditions are subjected to changes without any given prior notice.

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