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Fun Learning Process

(Mar 1, 2018)

Lecture can go beyond textbook knowledge while making the learning journey more lively. Taking away text-heavy theories and spend more time making the learning process more engaging and interesting. " People follow each other because they don't want to want to feel left out" or just being shy when responding to questions. Hence activities such as role-model, class play, competition, out-door teaching, games, rewards and putting the learning into actual practise can be both beneficial to the students and the tutors in terms of creating a real life learning envirnoment.  Tuition Agency is working with both tutors and parents to enable the tutees to have fun yet a challenging learning environment without any social pressure.  The student will grow in stature with confidence and learn to enjoy his studies.Therefore student should open up to discover new things and to learn to view the learning process as an exciting and enriching experience.