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Tutors making an impact in 2020?

(Aug 1, 2020)

 Tuition is important for a child to nuture motivation and inculcate values such as self-discipline, resilience, preserverance and teamwork between tutors and tutees. Inspired by their own teachers or mentors, self-motivated and committed tutors developed a love to teach, willing to learn and adaptable to different learner's style. The tutors should create a 'culture of care' to help kids with low self-esteem. They should engage parents early so they have time to decide if the children require additional coaching. Tutors should encourage their tutees to try new things, different methods or approach and every achievement should be celebrated with words of encouragement or rewards. Well can Inspired tutors hit the right notes with Inspired students? Facilitating students to upload their wriiten materials on online blogs and critique their peers work enhances their interest in their learning journey. These will make an impact for both tutors and students. Please read more on the following link.