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Characteristics of a Good & Inspire Student Mentor


The people who usually are the best student mentors are those who enjoy sharing information and the process of learning journey.

Some of the good and inspiring characteristics of good student mentors are as follows;

1. Genuine concerns for the student mentee and their own development.

2. Willing to share and pass down information.

3. Open and trustworthy…

Fun Learning Process


Lecture can go beyond textbook knowledge while making the learning journey more lively. Taking away text-heavy theories and spend more time making the learning process more engaging and interesting. " People follow each other because they don't want to want to feel left out" or just being shy when responding to questions. Hence activities such as role-model, class…

Manage Your Time Wisely


With school starting tomorrow, there are so many commitments it is important that your child learns to manage his time wisely.

Set priority for both work and play such as encourage your child to have a work plan for study and recreational activities. 

One method is to use the SMART (Sepecific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound) goals. Its  important that…

Happy Teacher's Day on 31 August 2017


To all Inspired Teachers,

Happy Teachers' Day.

Thank you for your guidance, friendship, discipline and love, everything, in that one inspiring person. And that person is you!


Texting is my favourite subjects


Texting is my favourite subject...Believe it or not. A recent study found a positive co-relation between children's reading ability and text messaging behaviour among ten to eleven year old. The results showed that overall poor readers spent more minutes per day using their phones than those less frequent use of phones, the good readers used more textisms in their written text message and…