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How Tuition Agencies Go Hand in Hand with Educational Success

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

We all aspire big for ourselves and even towards our own kid especially if this involves success in the academic field. Education and the end goal to finish school is a generational and inter-generational aspiration common in all cultures, and this road to success is started at the prime age of 4. In order to achieve a fool-proof success in this academic field, the role of a tuition agency is tapped by parents and educators alike. (more…)

How Tuition Agencies Help in the Learning Process

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Kids are not all born the same. Some are born with the penchant to learn, while there are also some who have a hard time focusing. For a parent, it can be frustrating to impose strict measures on kids in terms of their study habits. Some parents use television hours as a reward for studying 3 hours straight after coming home from school. Or parents would suggest on buying their kids their favorite toy in exchange of high grades at the end of the quarter. No matter how rewarding this kind of setup seems, there are still a lot of difficulties kids and students face that may not be addressed by this simple reward system. This is where the help of a tuition agency comes into the picture. (more…)

Who Needs the Help of Tuition Agencies

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Help is not always for the weak or for those who cannot function well on their own. Sometimes, the best way to ensure success is by getting the right assistance from competent individuals. Especially for kids who have to go through the rigors of schooling at such a young age, they need all the help they can get more so if they have a hard time adjusting to the requirements of the curriculum they are enrolled in. When parents get the feedback that their kids are not performing well in school, it can send them in a state of panic. For some parents, a strict imposition of study time is implemented in the household, but just how effective is this in terms of teaching kids the value of studying, reviewing and focusing in their studies? A registered tutor from a licensed tuition agency should do the trick.


Home Tutors In Singapore

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

A Quick Background On Home Tutors In Singapore

Tutors in Singapore are one of the most competent in the world. They make up a huge percentage of Singapore’s academic professionals and are employed by the island state’s most reputable schools and tuition institutions. Most tutors in Singapore are educated in Singapore’s highly prestigious universities and technical schools, while some have also received their degrees abroad. In some cases, post-graduate degree holders and students work as a part-time tutor for tuition students.