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Tuition Agency Singapore– Know the Basics

Thursday, June 20th, 2013


Tuition agency is that business in the educational line that aims to bridge the gap between those who want tuitions and those who provide the same.


The primary aim of a tuition agency is to introduce students requiring help in academics to the expert tutors. It is an answer to the innumerable problems faced by parents in accessing specialists who can facilitate and guide their wards in one or more specific subjects.


In Tuition agency Singapore there are full time vis-à-vis part time tutors or direct vis-à-vis contractual ones.


While full time tutors are the experienced ones working full time in the tuition agency delivering academic support to its clientele, part timers are the young dynamic good students who are still studying themselves in universities and take up tutoring for pocket money.


On the other hand, whileself-employed or contractual tutors are enlisted with the agencies, paying them on commission basis, a percentage of their fee received from the clientele, direct tutors employed by a tuition agency Singapore boasts of all client contracts and payment modes handled by the agency itself. In this case, the agency is responsible to employ a tutor providing him/her with all that employment entails. Usually in case of tuition agency Singapore, tutor registration in an agency is free of charge.



Tuition agency Singapore provides expert tutors all across the nation, a specialized academic support ready to hold your child’s hand in whichever nook or corner of Singapore you happen to live in.



There are two approaches to how tuition agency Singapore works. Firstly some agencies contact the client / parent directly in order to provide the requisite service. Hence, the point of contact in this case is the agency and the client / parent.


The other ‘how’ of tuition agency Singapore’ woks on the per-registration principle. In this approach a list of tutors are per-registered / enlisted with the tuition agency and on requirement, the client is given this list from which he / she can identify tutors and proceed towards developing a contractual agreement with the same.


Tuition Agency Singapore – Tips to Budget your Child’s Tuition fees

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

While Tuition agency is that one option that gives the necessary push to your child from being good to great in studies, parents are often anxious about spending huge tuition fees and chunking up on their monthly expenses. Since education is the foundation on which your child’s entire future is built, the fact remains that spending on good quality tutors give back much more than what you put in to start with. Having said that, it is also true that Tuition agency are not over the top costly. All you need to do is to understand the various elements and budget accordingly.

Rate per Hour:

The tuition rate per hour is perhaps the factor that parents are the most worried bout.  A tuition agency Singapore has various kinds of tutors both old and experienced full timers as well as young undergraduate part timers.  If you are strongly bothered about the rate per hour of tuition, you can always go for a younger undergraduate tutor for your child. For many children, communicating to a tutor who’s not very old is easier. Also, since the young tutors are also studying in universities themselves, they understand the study pattern and system better.

Duration of Tuition Session:

A good way to budget your child’s tuition fees is to focus on the duration of tuition sessions. Keep in mind that the ideal duration is anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours. A less than 1 hr session is insufficient while a greater than 2 hrs session results in fatigue in loss of attention in the student.

No of tuition days per week :

The third element while budgeting your child’s tuition agency fees is the no. of sessions per week.  Remember, that intense tuition sessions are only required before an examination for the purpose of revisions. Otherwise, 2-3 sessions per week is enough to both work out doubts and problems in daily assignments as well as gives a scope to the tutor to go ahead of the school curriculum.

Thus, a tuition agency Singapore tuition fee budget should be approximately around $30 per hour for eight 1.5 hours sessions in a month, or approximately $360 per month.

Tuition Agency – 5 easy steps to choose the right tutor for your child

Sunday, June 16th, 2013

Tuition agency is the best answer to all the questions regarding your child’s education and future that has so far tormented you.  It is the single best way to customize and provide a tailor made educational solution to all your child’s specific educational needs.

Starting from the best ways to motivate your child to the most effective learning method for him/her, tuition agency Singapore provides expert tutors at all locations who know exactly what your child requires to excel in school.

Follow these 5 simple and easy steps to choose the right tutor from a tuition agency Singapore


Level Identification

Once you’re searching for a tutor from a tuition agency site, your first step is to specify the level your ward is in. This implies primary, secondary, undergraduate or graduate. Once can also check out the ‘more’ section in the tuition agency sites to identify tutors for language, music, etc

Rate Search

Next comes searching for the rates of tutors. The rates vary depending on the level of education, expertise, etc. it is a good idea to search for featured tutors in the tuition agency sites to check out their expertise and rates for getting a good idea about what you should shell out for quality people.

Payment details

Once you have specified your level and search for the rates of tutors prevalent in the same, you should check out the payment details of the tuition agency. What are the different payment modes they accept – Cheques, drafts, online transfers, etcand choose that is most convenient to you.

Select Area

Tuition agency Singapore operates all over and provides expert tutors in any nook and corner that you happen to live in. Select your area of residence / requirement as your 4th step


After you know what you want and have analyzed how to get it, it is time to register yourself on a tuition agency Singapore site and take the matter forward.

So what are you waiting for! Take these 5 steps forward for a bright future for your child!

Top 5 Reasons to choose a Tuition Agency Singapore

Friday, June 14th, 2013

A tuition agency is different from a tutorial center in many aspects, both in terms of delivery and output, with respect to the efforts that go in vis-à-vis the results thereof. Tuition agency Singapore is the best way to provide tailor made solution to all your child’s educational needs. As to why you should opt for a tuition agency Singapore, read on…



One cannot afford to be casual where education is concerned. A tuition agency is professionally run and managed that recruits tutors on the basis of their expertise and skillsets across all geographical areas so as to efficiently and effectively deliver to you who you need and where you need him/her.



One of the most important reasons to go for a tuition agency is to get quality tutors for your ward. Starting from recruiting tutors on the basis of experience and expertise to measuring feedback on tutors, the quality aspect is always ensured in a tuition agency through principles and procedures.


Student centric

The main reason why you should choose a tuition agency is its commitment to be student centric. All tutors and the teaching methods are centered around the student and what he / she requires. It is a customized delivery process where lesson plans and activity schedules are made up keeping in mind the needs and requirements of individual students.


Learner Aids

Experienced teachers at tuition agency Singapore has extensive knowledge about the various modern learner aids and tools staring from worksheets for practice to electronic media for project submissions and the like. Extensive use of such effective learner aids help both in learning as well as retention by the student.


In today’s world, with the boom in internet and electronic media usage, knowledge is free. Knowledge and theory about anything and everything is abundantly accessible. What you need is the right tutor who will act as a facilitator, an expert guide and mentor who can motivate your child to study. Tuition agency singapore helps you get just the right person who knows exactly what to teach your child and how.

How Tuition Agencies can make your child a class topper

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

You want your child to be the class topper but somehow it’s just not happening? Want to understand hats going wrong or need to know what exactly to do in order to help your child excel in his/her class? No need to worry anymore, all you need to do is to go for a tuition agency Singapore.


What the parents need to understand:


As a parent you should understand that a tuitionagency is crucial to give your child that extra edge, that added bit of support that he / she needs in order to truly excel in his/her studies in school. In Singapore, the average class size is about 40-50 which makes it impossible for any teacher to pay individual attention to students and their specific needs and requirements. This is the main reason why atuition agency is so paramount to a child’s academic performance.  A Tuition agency Singapore provides expert tutors wherever you require them geographically and the experienced teachers of a tuition agency not only tutors your child in all necessary subjects but also pays individual attention to the specific educational requirements that your child has.



What Your Child Needs:


Every child is different and so are their attention spans, intelligent quotient, learning styles, motivating factors, etc. In a class of 40, these specific needs are not looked into and addressed at an individual level.  Having only the generic level academic intervention takes more effort on the child to perform what he / she does and puts unnecessary pressure on the poor kid resulting in internal fatigue and gradual dislike towards studies. An expert tutor from a tuition agency Singapore, catering to exactly what your child requires and creating lesson plans and exploring learner aids and tools which work the best for your child is the surest way to succeed.  By achieving both of the above, learning or studying becomes not only simple and easy but fun too! Using the correct learning aids and tools suited to your child and identifying what motivates him / hermost by an experienced expert tutor from a tuition agency is what would make your child the next class topper!

Tuition Centers vs. Private Tutoring – Which Is Better?

Monday, June 10th, 2013

Should you as a parent get a qualified private tutor from a reputed tuition agency, or send your kids to tuition centers? This is a daunting question for most parents, who have to consider various factors and take the right decision. Many parents are under the wrong impression that tuition centers are better, just because they see many other kids attending classes at these centers. Sometimes the fee charged at these centers is also quite high, which gives an impression that they might be a better choice.


Parents now know the importance of good education and the major role it plays in today’s world that thrives on innovation and research. Parents obviously want the best for their child and are willing to spend huge amounts to ensure good grades. However, expensive classes do not necessarily mean that they are better. Simply relying on tuition centers just because they are expensive is not a good strategy. A private tutor provided by tuition agency Singapore could be a much better option due to several reasons. When you observe the environment in tuition centers, it is very similar to a classroom. The whole point of providing tuition then seems redundant, as the tutor’s attention will be divided amongst so many students coming to the center.


 Private tutoring is a much better option, as the tutor is able to concentrate fully on the requirements of your child. Secondly, parents are under the wrong impression that teachers in tuition centers are better qualified. You can get private tutors that are not only equally qualified or better qualified, but also having long experience in the teaching field. This makes a major difference in the teaching, as experienced teachers have much better skills in explaining difficult topics. In tuition centers the teacher however good, has to keep pace with the majority of the class, and if your kid has failed to understand something, he or she will be left behind. Considering all these factors, it is best to hire a qualified private tutor from a reputed tuition agency.

Private Tutoring and Planned Approach to Studying

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Tuition agency could get you a qualified private tutor, who can help your child develop a planned approach to studies. Trying to understand new topics and subjects is quite intimidating for kids, and many things are left out during classroom sessions. There can be times when your kid is struggling to understand a new topic and at the same time homework and studying for tests is piling up. Once you child reaches home, he or she will be struggling to decide what should be studied. Usually your kid will prioritize homework that has to be submitted the next day, and may not pay attention to the important topic that was not understood in class.


Such things can pile up dramatically, and everything may seem only half done. Kids will not be able to plan their studies or know how to prioritize various subjects. They will have the tendency to concentrate on things that seem easy, and the difficult topics are always postponed. In such a situation, a private tutor from a reputed tuition agency Singapore could get your kid back on track. The tutor will formulate a studying plan that is best suited for your kid, depending on the strengths and weaknesses your kid might have in different subjects. A qualified person is required to first gauge what topics are difficult for your kid, and then formulate an effective plan to not only cover those topics, but to also see that other subjects are not neglected in the process.



 When you consider the high level of education taught in good schools today, and the amount of portion that has to be covered daily, your kid definitely needs assistance. There is too much to understand and study and disruption even for a day can cause your child dearly in terms of grade and good marks. Therefore, a planned approach to studying is very important for covering all aspects of the syllabus without leaving anything out. An experienced private tutor provided by a reputed tuition agency will not only make your kid understand various difficult topics, but also formulate a plan and effective study schedule for getting the best results.


Is Private Tutoring Ideal for Both Introvert and Extrovert Students

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

There are many private tutors around, but as a parent, you need to select the right tutor through a tuition agency. However, parents always have a doubt whether private tuitions are suitable for their kid’s personality. Some kids are extroverts and readily engage in conversation with all types of people. They are comfortable when lot of people are around and do well in a group atmosphere. Other kids are introverts, and will only speak to people whom they know very well. Sometimes, it is also difficult for introvert kids to communicate their feelings and difficulties even to people whom they know.

The right private tutor provided by tuition agency Singapore can take care of both types of kids. Even though extroverted kids may like to have other kids around, they will be able to study much better without any distractions with a private tutor. The ideal tutor will make sure that extroverted kids are comfortable on their own, and the tutor will create a lively environment suited to their personality.

With an introverted kid the private tutor will first try to build trust and a comfortable environment, so that the kid can confide to the tutor all his or her problems and difficulties. Once a rapport is established an introverted kid becomes more responsive and open to suggestions, and starts following lessons very quickly. Private tutoring environment is ideally suited for both introvert and extrovert kids, provided there is a qualified and experienced tutor who can handle both type of personalities.

The main plus point of private tuitions is one-to-one teaching. Both extrovert and introvert kids are prone to distractions, which are plenty in a classroom environment. Kids not only feel much more comfortable at home, but also during private tuitions, there is nothing to distract their attention. The private tutor takes full advantage of this situation and tries to unravel the full potential of the kid towards studies. It may take different approaches to get the kid interested in studies but it always works. Hence, it is best to hire an experienced tutor from a tuition agency of repute.