Tuition Centers vs. Private Tutoring – Which Is Better?

Should you as a parent get a qualified private tutor from a reputed tuition agency, or send your kids to tuition centers? This is a daunting question for most parents, who have to consider various factors and take the right decision. Many parents are under the wrong impression that tuition centers are better, just because they see many other kids attending classes at these centers. Sometimes the fee charged at these centers is also quite high, which gives an impression that they might be a better choice.


Parents now know the importance of good education and the major role it plays in today’s world that thrives on innovation and research. Parents obviously want the best for their child and are willing to spend huge amounts to ensure good grades. However, expensive classes do not necessarily mean that they are better. Simply relying on tuition centers just because they are expensive is not a good strategy. A private tutor provided by tuition agency Singapore could be a much better option due to several reasons. When you observe the environment in tuition centers, it is very similar to a classroom. The whole point of providing tuition then seems redundant, as the tutor’s attention will be divided amongst so many students coming to the center.


 Private tutoring is a much better option, as the tutor is able to concentrate fully on the requirements of your child. Secondly, parents are under the wrong impression that teachers in tuition centers are better qualified. You can get private tutors that are not only equally qualified or better qualified, but also having long experience in the teaching field. This makes a major difference in the teaching, as experienced teachers have much better skills in explaining difficult topics. In tuition centers the teacher however good, has to keep pace with the majority of the class, and if your kid has failed to understand something, he or she will be left behind. Considering all these factors, it is best to hire a qualified private tutor from a reputed tuition agency.

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