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Review of Education in Singapore and Private Tutoring

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Singapore is considered to have one of the best education systems in the world, and is further enhanced by the services provided by a tuition agency. The Lion City has wide range of state, private and International schools, along with six universities at the national level that have all flourished under the excellent governance of Ministry of Education. The level of education in the country is quite high, and not all students are able to keep up with the studies conducted in the classroom. There is also high level of competition in securing admissions in the best schools and parents expect their children to secure the highest grades. For keeping up with the studies and for securing better grades, private tuitions provide an excellent support system to kids.

Tuition agency Singapore has become an indispensable institution and integral part of the education system, as it provides ideal tutors to match particular requirements in kids. Such agencies are a boon to parents, who are looking for a professional institution where they can find qualified and experienced tutors for their kids. According to research, more than 95% kids in Singapore receive private tuitions to cope with growing demands for better grades and academic excellence. Private tuitions have become a part of mainstream education and they are no longer considered a luxury, as tuition fees have become much more affordable. Parents on the other hand have come to know the value of these tuitions, and do not scrounge on allocating funds for this important aspect of education. Gauging the importance of tutoring, even the government has started to subsidize partially, cost of private tuitions for families with low incomes.

Since the country’s independence, Singapore has always focused on providing the best education to its citizens, and in developing a formidable workforce. It has developed a knowledge-based economy, and the government has plans to make the country’s education system renowned on a global scale to attract revenue from foreign students. Tuition agency has an important role to play in this fast evolving system of education by providing the right tutors to kids that have various learning difficulties.

Private Tutoring – A Holistic Approach

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

A tuition agency is an excellent place to find private tutors; however, as a parent you need to ask yourself, if keeping up with school education is enough for your child’s development. Many tuition teachers are only concerned with making sure the kids studies to get good scores in the school examinations. Singapore has a meritocratic education system, and no doubt, high scores are very important, but that does not mean your child should be stressed during tuitions. A tuition teacher should be able to provide holistic solutions with a personal approach to improve the learning capacity of a child.

Tuition agency Singapore can help parents find the right tutor for the particular needs of their kids. Each child struggles with certain learning impediments and it is the duty of a good tutor to first find out the weaknesses and strengths in each student. After careful evaluation of the child and discussing any further issues with parents, an efficient tutor will develop a personal learning solution for the student. The coaching is not only aimed at what should be studied, but also how to study effectively. The tutor will include customized studying content, special exercises for skill and organizational development, along with the regular academic coaching. This will ensure holistic development of learning skills in the child.

Motivation is another important aspect that is taken care of by an efficient private tutor. Many students are quite smart, but lack the motivation to study and are not able to use their capacities optimally to improve their academic scores. The right type of motivation not only improves academic excellence but it does so without putting any undue stress on the kid. In the presence of the right tutor, a kid will feel comfortable and confident, and will automatically try to achieve excellence. It is usually a daunting task for parents to find such an experienced and qualified private tutor, and rising demand for tutors makes the job even more difficult. Usually parents settle for a less competent tutor due to lack of availability, however, if they take the help of a tuition agency they can easily find the right tutor for their kids.

How to Select a Tuition Agency

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

A tuition agency can provide the ideal tutor for your child; however, there are several important things to be considered before engaging the services of such an agency. The demand for private tutors keeps on steadily increasing and hence it is important to hire a reputed agency in finding a trustworthy tutor. Due to rising demands, some of these institutions cut corners, and that result in unreliable and poor tutoring workforce. Hence, as a responsible parent, before you choose an agency, consider the following points, as they will help in taking an informed decision.


Even though a tuition agency Singapore does not come under the regulations of Ministry of Education, this business requires to be registered with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). Unregistered agencies are shady entities, and you are not likely to receive good services, or even any return for the fees you may be paying. Since they are not registered, they are not accountable to any authority and will behave, as they like. On the other hand, registered agencies will be concerned about their reputation, as any case against them will be recorded by the registering authorities. The risk of being black listed is usually a strong deterrent that will put a stop to any malpractice. The registered agency is given an ACRA registration number, and agencies make it a point to display it on their website to prove their legitimacy.


Even though as a parent, you know what type of tutor is best for your kid, the tuition coordinator of the agency should be capable of finding the ideal match for your child. Such a coordinator will filter out the most likely candidates from the agency’s database that best fits the requirements of your child. The selection procedure for the right tutor then becomes quite easy, as you are given a wide range of choices. Each child has a particular problem or set of problems that cause an obstacle to learning and getting optimum grades. It is therefore necessary to find tutors with the required expertise to tackle those particular problems in your child. A good tuition agency will have an effective procedure in place to make such a selection easy for parents.

Does Private Tuition Increase the Stress Level in Your Kid

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

A tuition agency can provide the ideal tutor for the particular learning requirement of your child, but there is an ongoing debate whether we are putting our children through additional stress. Actually, research suggests otherwise, as there is growing evidence that private mentoring not only improves the learning capabilities of children, but also reduces their stress levels. There is no doubt that increasing levels of academic excellence is expected from kids these days, but that cannot be helped as competition has increased in all fields, and one has to give their optimum performance to be successful today. However, such academic excellence can be achieved, without putting children through stress.

Let us see the reasons behind stress in children. Children have various degrees of grasping power and learning capacities. Some children might grasp quickly, but may not be able to retain whatever they have learnt. Others might be slow at grasping and have a poor memory as well. All these problems can create stress in children, as parents and teachers expect them to perform much better. Kids on the other hand cannot figure out what to do because they are not able to make any headway with the training they receive in classrooms. However, when kids receive additional support through private tuitions the whole scenario changes for the better, and they are able to perform much better without being stressed.

Tuition agency Singapore can provide the best-suited tutor for particular learning requirements of your kid. Such a tutor will be able to assess the difficulties your child is going through, and provide an ideal methodology of learning that improve the learning capabilities of your child. With such tutoring your kid will start performing much better in class and the grades will improve. When kids are able to cope with their studies and get good grades, their stress will be gone, as there is no longer any pressure. Hence, private tutoring actually helps in removing stress and the studying pressure from children. However, the tutor should be ideally suited for the particular requirements of your child, and should be hired from a reputed tuition agency.

Why is Private Tuition Crucial at Primary Level?

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Hiring the services of a tuition agency could be the ideal solution for laying the basic educational foundation for your child. Usually parents feel that their child may be too young for extra tuitions at the primary level. However, this is a wrong notion, as additional help after school can go a long way in improving the overall educational aptitude of kids and improve their learning capacity from the start. Quite often parents realize that their children are weak in certain subjects much later, when they reach higher classes. At such a stage, it becomes quite difficult for the kids to cope with advanced studies, as their foundation knowledge is weak.

Rather than making kids study extra hard in higher classes, it makes more sense to have a balanced approach from the beginning. If a private tuition teacher is hired right from the primary level, he will be able to evaluate the weak points, and tutor the kid accordingly to provide a strong foundation in subjects that the kid is struggling to grasp. This can be done only by a professional tutor, who is able to teach from the level of the child’s understanding and develop it further. For instance, if your child is weak in math, it is usually hard to identify such weakness fully in a classroom environment, at the primary level. It is also possible that a small weakness can go unnoticed, and develop into a major impediment in higher classes.

A tuition agency will have the right type of tutors to cater to individual needs of children. Whether your child is struggling with numbers or trying to speak fluently, there is a solution to every problem from the start. Provide the right foundation in every subject from the beginning, and your child is not likely to struggle later. Secondly, parents should also understand that education at the primary level itself has become quite competitive, as every parent is desperately trying to secure their child’s admission in top schools. Tuition agency Singapore can provide the ideal tutor for your child’s special needs, and you can be assured of your child getting the right foundational knowledge in every subject, and the top grades to gain admission in the best schools.

What to Look for in a Tuition Agency Singapore

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Looking for a tutor is hard, but looking for a tuition agency Singapore to source tutors from is double the effort. In this age of computers and games, it is quite natural to find kids having a hard time focusing their attention on their class subjects and school works. Also in this age of television shows and other technologically-based distractions, it is not surprising anymore to find parents having to enforce strict rules in the house such as “No TV during weekdays or school days” or “No video games and computer games after 6 in the evening”.

It is important that the agency you will be making transactions with is a reputable name in the industry. And the best way to know how reputable they are is from previous experiences from co-parents. Once a good word is out, parents will have a way to circulate that word around, and it is a common practice in all industries. Aside from a positive and reliable reputation, it is essential that the agency you will be hiring tutors from have a list of qualified and exceptional tutors to choose from. Aside from a degree, experience in mentoring and teaching children is very important. Especially when dealing with kids, it takes an extra amount of creativity since children have different dispositions and attitudes. It is not the same as mentoring high schoolers or students in a university. Qualifications must include a degree in education, and experience must also include teaching background in school settings. Most tutors are educators too on a full time basis and take tutorship on the side. Having a tutor who is also a teacher may be more expensive than hiring a mere tutor, but the benefits can be outweighed in the long run. Of course, the tuition agency must be able to provide rates that are practical and a money back guarantee clause should the tutor be found ineffective for the child. At the end of the day, these investments on tutors have significant returns, and a tutor that is worth investing on should come from a worth tuition agency.

A Few Statistics about Private Tuitions in Asia

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

The growing demand for private tutors had made the services of tuition agency quite indispensable. Most parents across Asia prefer to provide private mentoring to their kids to improve their competency levels so that they can perform optimally in their tests and get the best grades. As the level of education keeps increasing amongst leading Asian countries, it has become imperative for parents to seek out quality private tutoring for their children to give them the competitive edge they require to succeed in the modern world.

According to a report by the Asian Development Bank, parents in Singapore collectively spent US $680 in 2008 on private tuitions. This is why the Lion City is often called a Tuition Nation in Asia. However, there is a reason for the growing requirement for private mentoring. Even though the quality of education in Singaporean schools is considered excellent, all students may not be able to grasp the lessons at the same speed and may lag behind in class. Learning difficulties can arise due to many reasons, and it is not possible for schools to cater to the requirements of each individual kid. Tuition agency Singapore renders the perfect solution to such problems, as parents can rely on the expert services of experienced tutors that such an agency provides.

The economy of the world is steadily becoming more competitive and expectations in academic excellence and the skills required in various jobs are correspondingly increasing as well. In order to secure a good job or to get admission in the top schools, the bar has been raised considerably. Children now need to perform optimally right from their primary class, to be successful. The right type of tutoring and a methodology in studying goes a long way in developing better learning capacities amongst kids. Research has shown that kids who are receiving private mentoring are able to study to the best of their abilities, compared to students who only receive classroom training. Simply put, a tuition agency can make all the difference in your child’s education, as it can provide the most suitable tutor for the learning requirements of your child.

Benefits associated with tuition agencies

Monday, October 28th, 2013

Benefits associated with tuition agencies

For a person or rather a student who is having immense pressure to attain good marks in academics must look for and avail the best services that can prove beneficial in all aspects. Today, private tuitions have become one of the best sources for the students as they can get the guidance and expert opinion regarding different subjects in a hassle free manner. In addition to this, not only the students, but also even the parents are interested in availing the services of a tuition agency as they provide the best of the best services at affordable rates, which helps the students in all forms.


What benefits you can attain from tuition agencies

Singapore has become one of the largest destinations where private tuitions are in demand. With tuition agency Singapore at your services, you can easily avail the benefits in a hassle free manner. Below mentioned are some of the benefits that you can attain from tuition agencies in Singapore.


  • The tutors who are provided by the tuition agency in Singapore are experienced professionals who know how to handle the queries of the parents and even the teachers.
  • If parents are looking forward to attain tutors for any particular subject, then they can attain this facility with ease as tuition agency Singapore will provide you with the same.
  • Mentoring is even provided to the students who are going off-road. With help of the mentoring provided by the tutors, students are able to understand the concepts of subjects in which they are lacking.
  • For the parents, expert teachers provided by the tuition agencies in Singapore takes the burden off their shoulders, as the tutors are able to provide a balance between the non-academic and academic endeavors.
  • Getting the time slot of your choice is one of the major advantages that can be derived. You just have to tell about the time that is feasible to you and the tuition agency would provide you with the tutor accordingly.


How to look for a tuition agency in Singapore :
As loads of tuition agencies are available in Singapore, you can search for them online. While searching, you will be able to find different web portals through which you can attain information on the same as per your need and choice.

Improving your grades with tuitions

Monday, October 28th, 2013

Improving your grades with tuitions

Students who are willing to attain good marks in their academics are taking use of tuition agencies, as they are able to provide dedicated tutors for the students who can provide guidance and assistance to the students in improving their grades. In Singapore, grade of students are important for the students, as they want to secure a good future. Because of this, parents are even supporting tuition agencies in Singapore, as they are able to attain a person who can guide their children to attain good marks and grades.

Why private tuitions are required in Singapore

As the number of students in classes is increasing day by day, teachers are unable to provide individual attention to the students. Because of this, parents are getting concerned and are opting for tuition agency in Singapore. The tutors who are provided by tuition agency Singapore are expert professionals who are qualified in providing coaching to the students for different subject. As these tutors are able to provide unparalleled attention to the students and act as a mentor, students in Singapore are able to understand the subjects in a better manner that in result help them in improving their grades.

Selecting the best tutors for the children

Whenever you are looking for the services of private tuitions, make sure that you research well as that will only provide you with positive results. While researching for a good tuition agency in Singapore, you can search for them online. This way, you will be able to find a complete list of tuition agency in Singapore that is providing private tutors. The rates of the tuition agencies vary depending on the quality of the tutors, however, one must keep in mind that spending few bucks extra will surely help in best tutors who can help the students in all forms.

Major benefits attained from tuition agencies

Below mentioned are some of the important benefits, which students can attain from tuition agency Singapore.

  • Students are able to learn in a fun way and education does not become a struggle for them as the tutors act as mentors.
  • The complex lessons are easy to understand
  • Improvement of grades over a period
  • Ability to learn new things is induced in kids
  • Children are able to build a base for a fruitful career path

Do not play with your child’s future

Sunday, October 27th, 2013

These days when both the parents are working, they get insignificant time for their child and his education resulting in poor performance of the child in his academic studies. However, it becomes a matter of concern to provide additional support to the child. Different approaches are applied to impart proper guidance to the little one. One such approach is tuition agency which assures such parents about their tutoring techniques.

As parents, we all wish to see our young children establishing a secure future for them.  But there is something we are missing. Not everything can be achieved of just dreaming, we need to take adequate steps to let aspirations fulfilled. Without a doubt, the education system provided in school is helping a lot in shaping ones expectations but one can improve the essential skills some other way too. This is how these agencies came into existence. Apart of providing assistance in school subjects, tutors are imparting professional guidance to children to bring success. A knowledgeable tutor will not only clarify the doubts but will also make sure that your child is well prepared for the next day.

Nowadays several techniques are applied to provide proper education to the learners. There is a one-to-many tutoring technique which involves a group of children taught by a single tutor. In such a way, your child will get a chance to engage in group based learning, discussions, self-reflection and knowledge construction, thus improving the confidence of the beginner. Also, private tutors can be arranged for a child where the tutor concentrates on an individual.  In such tutoring classes, children get help from the experts in a variety of subjects and to make them prepared for the academic exams. These sessions give comfort to the child. Moreover, each kid gets personal attention and they can ask their queries which can be solved there and then by the professionals.

Parents who are always engaged in their busy schedules should not at least let their children go on their own. Provide them adequate learning, get to learn more about tuition agency Singapore which can help you guide about dealing with your child.