A Few Statistics about Private Tuitions in Asia

The growing demand for private tutors had made the services of tuition agency quite indispensable. Most parents across Asia prefer to provide private mentoring to their kids to improve their competency levels so that they can perform optimally in their tests and get the best grades. As the level of education keeps increasing amongst leading Asian countries, it has become imperative for parents to seek out quality private tutoring for their children to give them the competitive edge they require to succeed in the modern world.

According to a report by the Asian Development Bank, parents in Singapore collectively spent US $680 in 2008 on private tuitions. This is why the Lion City is often called a Tuition Nation in Asia. However, there is a reason for the growing requirement for private mentoring. Even though the quality of education in Singaporean schools is considered excellent, all students may not be able to grasp the lessons at the same speed and may lag behind in class. Learning difficulties can arise due to many reasons, and it is not possible for schools to cater to the requirements of each individual kid. Tuition agency Singapore renders the perfect solution to such problems, as parents can rely on the expert services of experienced tutors that such an agency provides.

The economy of the world is steadily becoming more competitive and expectations in academic excellence and the skills required in various jobs are correspondingly increasing as well. In order to secure a good job or to get admission in the top schools, the bar has been raised considerably. Children now need to perform optimally right from their primary class, to be successful. The right type of tutoring and a methodology in studying goes a long way in developing better learning capacities amongst kids. Research has shown that kids who are receiving private mentoring are able to study to the best of their abilities, compared to students who only receive classroom training. Simply put, a tuition agency can make all the difference in your child’s education, as it can provide the most suitable tutor for the learning requirements of your child.

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