What to Look for in a Tuition Agency Singapore

Looking for a tutor is hard, but looking for a tuition agency Singapore to source tutors from is double the effort. In this age of computers and games, it is quite natural to find kids having a hard time focusing their attention on their class subjects and school works. Also in this age of television shows and other technologically-based distractions, it is not surprising anymore to find parents having to enforce strict rules in the house such as “No TV during weekdays or school days” or “No video games and computer games after 6 in the evening”.

It is important that the agency you will be making transactions with is a reputable name in the industry. And the best way to know how reputable they are is from previous experiences from co-parents. Once a good word is out, parents will have a way to circulate that word around, and it is a common practice in all industries. Aside from a positive and reliable reputation, it is essential that the agency you will be hiring tutors from have a list of qualified and exceptional tutors to choose from. Aside from a degree, experience in mentoring and teaching children is very important. Especially when dealing with kids, it takes an extra amount of creativity since children have different dispositions and attitudes. It is not the same as mentoring high schoolers or students in a university. Qualifications must include a degree in education, and experience must also include teaching background in school settings. Most tutors are educators too on a full time basis and take tutorship on the side. Having a tutor who is also a teacher may be more expensive than hiring a mere tutor, but the benefits can be outweighed in the long run. Of course, the tuition agency must be able to provide rates that are practical and a money back guarantee clause should the tutor be found ineffective for the child. At the end of the day, these investments on tutors have significant returns, and a tutor that is worth investing on should come from a worth tuition agency.

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