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Tuition Agency Your Academic Partner

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Have you ever been confronted with your child asking you what type of subject-verb agreement a particular homework on sentences is and you find yourself scratching your head looking for answers way deep inside your brain? We may be professionals in our own respective fields today, but when asked with basic grammar questions by our 5-year old, we start to doubt ourselves whether we learned a thing or two from our Basic English lessons back when we were young. There is no reason to doubt your capacities or even question your knowledge since getting a tutor from a tuition agency Singapore is the perfect answer to your worries and to basic questions that you find a hard time answering. (more…)

Benefits of Private Tutoring

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Partnering with a tuition agency Singapore truly has its perks and the benefits of private tutoring are not so far behind. When it comes to investing on your child’s future, it is important to be realistic and cognizant about the fact that kids need to be guided to retain their focus no matter how bright or how their high their IQs are. In school, kids learn with a teacher who discusses the subject matter along with their classmates who can also be a source of distraction to them as they listen. Ensuring that kids learn their math, their science and their phonetics means giving them a reinforcement or a buffer of sorts once they step out of the school’s building. With a tutor to assure parents that their kids are learning their subjects well, parents are also reaping the benefits of the tuition they paid for. Let’s face it. Sending a child to school can be challenging. With the rise of tuition fees for private education, parents cannot be outdone with their child’s poor performance in school. (more…)

The 3Cs Tutors from a Tuition Agency Should Have

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Looking for the best tutor from a tuition agency Singapore according to his or her qualifications, academic achievements and present status as an educator is not enough. There are tutors who look stellar on record, but their ability to impart knowledge to learners and students they are mentoring can be a different story altogether. They say that it takes a different kind of smart to be able to go down the level of a child and explain to the child what the subject matter is on the level that he or she will surely understand. This is why it important to look out for these 2 C’s namely confidence and comprehensiveness. (more…)

Student Mentoring 101 from a Tuition Agency

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

A tuition agency is not purely about business; it is a partnership between parents and the agency in order to make sure that the child’s future is secure. Children need the right supervision when it comes to their schooling. When kids are in their formative years, it takes a great deal of focus, guidance and concentration and adults play a truly significant role in this pursuit. While there are children who are naturally smart and easy to be taught to, the reality is that there are kids who may not pick up lessons as quickly as the others. For parents who may not have the time to mentor their kids on their own, but are serious in ensuring their child future early, a tuition agency can come to their rescue. (more…)

How to Request for a Qualified Tutor

Friday, April 5th, 2013

If you have decided on contacting a tuition agencySingapore as a first step in finding a tutor for your children, then you have made a really wise choice. A tuition agency is every parent’s partner to trust in terms of increasing the academic competitiveness of their kids. We all know that when it comes to early schooling, there are a lot of distractions a child can face, and despite strict implementations of certain rules in the house, it is not enough. Especially with the presence of so many toys, gadgets and television shows today, distractions to ruin the focus are too imminent not to be factored in. This is why it is important than when you are looking for a tutor to guide your child, you do not only look for the tutor’s overall competence in teaching your kid, but also the tutor’s ability to establish rapport with your precious munchkin. (more…)

Dreaming Big with Tuition Agency Singapore

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

For us parents, we all want the very best for our young children. Even to some of us who are not parents yet but are planning to have kids of their own, the aspiration towards education for the future youngsters and their excellence while they are in school is everybody’s dream. Nothing can be more fulfilling that placing that gold medal on your child’s neck when recognition day at school arrives. It is true when they say that graduations are truly reserved for parents. (more…)