Student Mentoring 101 from a Tuition Agency

A tuition agency is not purely about business; it is a partnership between parents and the agency in order to make sure that the child’s future is secure. Children need the right supervision when it comes to their schooling. When kids are in their formative years, it takes a great deal of focus, guidance and concentration and adults play a truly significant role in this pursuit. While there are children who are naturally smart and easy to be taught to, the reality is that there are kids who may not pick up lessons as quickly as the others. For parents who may not have the time to mentor their kids on their own, but are serious in ensuring their child future early, a tuition agency can come to their rescue.

Mentoring provided by a tutor from a tuition agency Singapore can include a diverse set of scholastic guidance. Since tutors are met after the school day has ended, the role of the tutor is to make sure that the topics discussed during the day are all understood by the student. This one-on-one relationship between the tutor and the student can provide the latter with the opportunity to ask questions or request clarifications on matters that she or he vaguely understands. Especially for rather complicated subjects such as Mathematics, students need to understand the basics of counting and numbers in general, and having a tutor who can teach and clarify at the student’s pace of learning is undeniably beneficial in the long run.

Mentoring can also be in the form of assistance especially for projects or home works that need to be submitted the next day. Of course, the idea here is that the role of the tutor is to facilitate and make sure that the student can still work independently as much as possible.

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