How to Request for a Qualified Tutor

If you have decided on contacting a tuition agencySingapore as a first step in finding a tutor for your children, then you have made a really wise choice. A tuition agency is every parent’s partner to trust in terms of increasing the academic competitiveness of their kids. We all know that when it comes to early schooling, there are a lot of distractions a child can face, and despite strict implementations of certain rules in the house, it is not enough. Especially with the presence of so many toys, gadgets and television shows today, distractions to ruin the focus are too imminent not to be factored in. This is why it is important than when you are looking for a tutor to guide your child, you do not only look for the tutor’s overall competence in teaching your kid, but also the tutor’s ability to establish rapport with your precious munchkin.

If you are requesting a tutor from a licensed tuition agency such as Inspired Tuition, they will make you fill up a preliminary form that functions as the basis of application. This form includes the following pertinent fields:

  • Contact Information (name, contact number, email address, home address, and race)
  • The MRT/LRT nearest the contact person’s location
  • Student’s Details (name, gender, name of school, grade level in school, student’s area of concern)
  • Tutor Request (gender and race of tutor, type of lecturing format, preferred highest qualification of tutor, tuition subject, and language format)
  • Mode of payment (direct banking and/or money transfers)

Aside from having to fill up this form, it is required that the parent inquiring should be able to read the terms and conditions of the tuition agency. By doing that, there won’t be any form of miscommunications during the course of the teaching relationship between the tuition agency, the tutor and the student.

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