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Inspired Tutors: In Focus

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

Today, the term ‘tuition agency’ is getting popular these days, especially since parents of this century are taking their kids’ early education a high priority more than anything else on their plate. An example of a trusted and well-known tuition agency based in Singapore is Inspired Tuition. At Inspired Tuition, you know you only get to choose among the best tutors in the country because they follow a very strict hiring process. (more…)

The Inspired Tuition Agency

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Inspired Tuition Agency is a prime example of a tuition agency that is based in Singapore. If you are a parent or a guardian currently looking for a tutor to mentor your child, you know you can have a good tutor waiting for you by simply communicating this inquiry of yours with Inspired Tuition. Inspired Tuition goes beyond the fact that they can give you able and competent tutors. They will also make sure that the tutors you get are committed to teaching and committed to making your child the brightest during his schooling years. (more…)

Tutor Registration in Tuition Agencies

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

The business of a tuition agency comes with very strict parameters and processes to follow. After all, if the futures of young learners are at stake, one has to employ the strictest and most stringent qualifications in order to ensure that our young learners get the best from the most competent and qualified teachers possible. Tutors who wish to sign up under a tuition agency have to meet several requirements first before being welcomed into the fold. For tutors who want to seek employment the safe and quick way, being under an agency is beneficial since tutors do not have to advertise their services on their own. (more…)

Develop your Child’s Appetite for Learning with Tuition Agency

Monday, January 21st, 2013

Kids are indeed born to be naturally curious – they ask about anything under the sun and most of the time adults find themselves in such awkward scenarios wherein they can’t even believe they never thought about it before – and want to learn more, explore greatly, and discover much. Children can easily adapt to what they see and learn to do right before your very eyes. With the right support and empowerment like that from Tuition Agency during their formative years of creativity, curiosity, and courageous exploration of many things they will be likely to develop a more positive attitude towards learning in the later years of their lives. Tuition Agency Singapore not only offers tuition services academically but also for non-academic courses and that is a good indication of what a good partnership will bring about as you support your child’s education holistically. (more…)

Tuition Agency and Answering your Child’s Questions

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Notice how the class fell silent after every discussion of the teacher especially when this question pops up: “Anyone has questions or things they would like to clarify?” You can bet that there’s this sudden thickness in the room felt by everybody wherein kids are trying to sense that one who will be bold enough to raise his or her hand and shoot the question. But then again, the class will dismiss as usual and the day will just end as how it typically does with every unheard question still wandering to and fro of your child’s mind. But if ever there were moments when someone can fire up to ask and probe further concerning the things the teacher presented during class, that might also be the time when there is not enough opportunity to entertain some question and answer portion after the discussion. So how do we go about it? That is when Tuition Agency can step into the picture and carve enough time in answering your child’s questions. (more…)

The Market Rates among Tutors in Tuition Agencies

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

In these financially trying times, it really pays to learn everything about the rates or prices of life necessities that we have to pay for on a daily basis, and rates of a tuition agency should not be left behind in this endeavor. Of course, aside from learning the market industry rates for certain perishable commodities, water and electric utilities, 3G connectivity and more, it also pays to learn the market rates for tutors especially if one is a parent or a guardian of school-aged children. More so if you are a parent or a guardian of 3 to 4 kids who are all in school. (more…)

Conquer your Child’s Fear with Tuition Agency

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Is there something that holds back your child in performing well academically? Does he or she fear a certain subject that keeps him or her in reaching the full potential to grasp well the lessons and then ace the exams? Are they not that enthusiastic enough to study? It can be that they have started to develop a wrong notion by simply imbibing the thought that “This is a difficult subject and I cannot pass it” or that they have just come behind how to arrive with a problem computation and lost an appetite in trying to do it aloneWhen FEAR kicks in, that is when things start to get ugly because it can surely block the ways for your kid’s progress at school and a boost of encouragement, empowerment or enhancement can influence them greatly to conquer any dreadful subject that they consider. Parents can get a helping hand with Tuition Agency by making sure the kids will be able to stand on their ground with such confidence either solving complicated Math problems, memorizing intricate theories and jargon of Science or simply having to read an English short story with a reaction paper afterwards. (more…)

Why Parents and Guardians Should Turn to Tuition Agencies for Tutorial Help

Friday, January 11th, 2013

It cannot be denied that today, everything really does come with a huge price tag. From the food we buy on a daily basis to the utility bills we have to cover at the end of each month, money is one essential element in life. The same goes when hiring tutors for children who are in the early stages of their school life. The requirement for tutors is deemed almost a necessary need more than just a want by most parents because of the significant help and difference tutors can do to a child’s schooling. After all, children have different levels of focus, attention span and intelligence, and it is important for them to have the correct guidance as they progress from level 1 to level 10. When looking out for tutors, parents are not left alone to decide and look out for one on their own. The presence of a tuition agency answers most of today’s parents’ concerns in terms of looking out for a tutor and hiring one hopefully on a long term basis. (more…)

The Role of Tutors in Early Education among Children

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Education is a gift, and when given the chance to study, one should by all means do his or her best in order to achieve success and recognition. Especially in places and societies wherein academic excellence is held with utmost primacy, students are expected to always put their best foot forward when it comes to their studies and schooling. However, when that effort somehow needs a little extra push, (more…)

Why Tuition Agency?

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

Although the “reward system” setup that parents use might work in a way to make their kids develop good study habits – like a new gadget awaits at the end of a very satisfactory grading period or quarter –  but this is not enough of a guarantee to motivate a child in aiming for high grades at school. Along the way, they may still lose interest reading or memorizing and then have a hard time learning a lesson in a particular subject no matter how lofty the reward they can get if they ACE the exam and perform well in the class. It might be a bit frustrating on the part of the parent if after imposing certain rules for their child’s study habit to be formed but still the end result written on the card can make them wince after all had been said and done. It is all because kids face certain amount of difficulties as a student and the real issue of solving the kid’s struggle in a given subject area is yet to be dealt with by teaming up with a tuition agency Singapore. (more…)