Tutor Registration in Tuition Agencies

The business of a tuition agency comes with very strict parameters and processes to follow. After all, if the futures of young learners are at stake, one has to employ the strictest and most stringent qualifications in order to ensure that our young learners get the best from the most competent and qualified teachers possible. Tutors who wish to sign up under a tuition agency have to meet several requirements first before being welcomed into the fold. For tutors who want to seek employment the safe and quick way, being under an agency is beneficial since tutors do not have to advertise their services on their own.

So, what are the requirements before one gets to be tutor under a tuition agency? First, the tutor candidate must be at the legal working age, which is 18 years old. A professional seeking employment at the age of 18 is someone who has already completed a college degree, and may have some months or exposure in terms of tutoring and mentoring kids. Aspiring tutors who wish to be under an agency also have to pass original documents and copies of their academic and professional certifications, and other forms of identification. This is passed prior to one’s employment, and these are also shown to clients on the first lesson session for verification purposes of the client. The aspiring tutor should also be free of any deficiencies or reported cases of cheating such as when national exam materials are leaked to clients. This is a complete no-no as tutors are expected to work and operate with full competence and integrity while on the job. There have been cases wherein cheating cases among tutors were filed complete with a police report. And most of all, an aspiring tutor should be motivated, creative and inspiring, and for that, any tuition agency will surely like to get you on board.

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