The Market Rates among Tutors in Tuition Agencies

In these financially trying times, it really pays to learn everything about the rates or prices of life necessities that we have to pay for on a daily basis, and rates of a tuition agency should not be left behind in this endeavor. Of course, aside from learning the market industry rates for certain perishable commodities, water and electric utilities, 3G connectivity and more, it also pays to learn the market rates for tutors especially if one is a parent or a guardian of school-aged children. More so if you are a parent or a guardian of 3 to 4 kids who are all in school.

A lot of parents and guardians feel that having a tutor is essential as a child makes his or her way in school. This does not mean that parents and guardians undermine the present capacities and capabilities of their children to learn and explore; tutors just have an indispensable role for any school-aged child’s future.

Of course, if you are interested in hiring a tutor for your child or for your children, you have to contact a tuition agency Singapore first. It pays to make transactions with a tuition agency instead of looking and scouting for a tutor on your own. It can save you time, energy and money. In essence, a tuition agency has rates different from another tuition agency which is why it is important to have at least 2 to 3 potential tuition agencies so you can compare rates. However, the trend is that tuition agencies charge by the hour, and these rates vary according to the different grade levels and the different and present qualifications of the tutors in the agency. For a tuition agency such as Inspired Tuition Agency, parents and guardians can choose from tutors with the following qualifications: A-level & Diploma Tutors, Undergraduates & A-level Tutors, Graduates, Ex-Teachers and Current Teachers. Whether your child is currently in K2 and Primary 1-3, Primary 4-6, Sec 1-2, Sec 3-5 or JC1 to JC2, there is a tutor fit for his current needs.   With a tuition agency Singapore to guide you on the tutor to hire and the rates to consider prior to your hiring, you know you will make the right decision for your child’s future.

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