The 3Cs Tutors from a Tuition Agency Should Have

Looking for the best tutor from a tuition agency Singapore according to his or her qualifications, academic achievements and present status as an educator is not enough. There are tutors who look stellar on record, but their ability to impart knowledge to learners and students they are mentoring can be a different story altogether. They say that it takes a different kind of smart to be able to go down the level of a child and explain to the child what the subject matter is on the level that he or she will surely understand. This is why it important to look out for these 2 C’s namely confidence and comprehensiveness.

A confident tutor means a confident learner at the end of the day. If a tutor is confident with the fact that the student she is mentoring is smart and has the capacity to learn with the right push, then parents will feel very grateful and happy that the tutor they hired has their child’s best interest at heart. Tutors are not simply mentors, but partners in the academic life of a learner.

Comprehensive means the services of the tutor encompasses everything that the child needs during his or her tutor hours. If the student has questions about a particular subject that the teacher was not able to answer or address well, then the student can ask his or her tutor, and the tutor will definitely be able to come up with the right answers as signified by her comprehensiveness. Comprehensiveness also means the tutor also makes sure that the student is well and prepared for the coming school day. If a quiz or a mastery test is scheduled, the tutor from a tuition agency should be able to find the time to come up with reviewers and lesson plans so that the child will ace his or her exam.

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