Review of Education in Singapore and Private Tutoring

Singapore is considered to have one of the best education systems in the world, and is further enhanced by the services provided by a tuition agency. The Lion City has wide range of state, private and International schools, along with six universities at the national level that have all flourished under the excellent governance of Ministry of Education. The level of education in the country is quite high, and not all students are able to keep up with the studies conducted in the classroom. There is also high level of competition in securing admissions in the best schools and parents expect their children to secure the highest grades. For keeping up with the studies and for securing better grades, private tuitions provide an excellent support system to kids.

Tuition agency Singapore has become an indispensable institution and integral part of the education system, as it provides ideal tutors to match particular requirements in kids. Such agencies are a boon to parents, who are looking for a professional institution where they can find qualified and experienced tutors for their kids. According to research, more than 95% kids in Singapore receive private tuitions to cope with growing demands for better grades and academic excellence. Private tuitions have become a part of mainstream education and they are no longer considered a luxury, as tuition fees have become much more affordable. Parents on the other hand have come to know the value of these tuitions, and do not scrounge on allocating funds for this important aspect of education. Gauging the importance of tutoring, even the government has started to subsidize partially, cost of private tuitions for families with low incomes.

Since the country’s independence, Singapore has always focused on providing the best education to its citizens, and in developing a formidable workforce. It has developed a knowledge-based economy, and the government has plans to make the country’s education system renowned on a global scale to attract revenue from foreign students. Tuition agency has an important role to play in this fast evolving system of education by providing the right tutors to kids that have various learning difficulties.

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