How to Select a Tuition Agency

A tuition agency can provide the ideal tutor for your child; however, there are several important things to be considered before engaging the services of such an agency. The demand for private tutors keeps on steadily increasing and hence it is important to hire a reputed agency in finding a trustworthy tutor. Due to rising demands, some of these institutions cut corners, and that result in unreliable and poor tutoring workforce. Hence, as a responsible parent, before you choose an agency, consider the following points, as they will help in taking an informed decision.


Even though a tuition agency Singapore does not come under the regulations of Ministry of Education, this business requires to be registered with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). Unregistered agencies are shady entities, and you are not likely to receive good services, or even any return for the fees you may be paying. Since they are not registered, they are not accountable to any authority and will behave, as they like. On the other hand, registered agencies will be concerned about their reputation, as any case against them will be recorded by the registering authorities. The risk of being black listed is usually a strong deterrent that will put a stop to any malpractice. The registered agency is given an ACRA registration number, and agencies make it a point to display it on their website to prove their legitimacy.


Even though as a parent, you know what type of tutor is best for your kid, the tuition coordinator of the agency should be capable of finding the ideal match for your child. Such a coordinator will filter out the most likely candidates from the agency’s database that best fits the requirements of your child. The selection procedure for the right tutor then becomes quite easy, as you are given a wide range of choices. Each child has a particular problem or set of problems that cause an obstacle to learning and getting optimum grades. It is therefore necessary to find tutors with the required expertise to tackle those particular problems in your child. A good tuition agency will have an effective procedure in place to make such a selection easy for parents.

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