Tuition Agency Singapore– Know the Basics


Tuition agency is that business in the educational line that aims to bridge the gap between those who want tuitions and those who provide the same.


The primary aim of a tuition agency is to introduce students requiring help in academics to the expert tutors. It is an answer to the innumerable problems faced by parents in accessing specialists who can facilitate and guide their wards in one or more specific subjects.


In Tuition agency Singapore there are full time vis-à-vis part time tutors or direct vis-à-vis contractual ones.


While full time tutors are the experienced ones working full time in the tuition agency delivering academic support to its clientele, part timers are the young dynamic good students who are still studying themselves in universities and take up tutoring for pocket money.


On the other hand, whileself-employed or contractual tutors are enlisted with the agencies, paying them on commission basis, a percentage of their fee received from the clientele, direct tutors employed by a tuition agency Singapore boasts of all client contracts and payment modes handled by the agency itself. In this case, the agency is responsible to employ a tutor providing him/her with all that employment entails. Usually in case of tuition agency Singapore, tutor registration in an agency is free of charge.



Tuition agency Singapore provides expert tutors all across the nation, a specialized academic support ready to hold your child’s hand in whichever nook or corner of Singapore you happen to live in.



There are two approaches to how tuition agency Singapore works. Firstly some agencies contact the client / parent directly in order to provide the requisite service. Hence, the point of contact in this case is the agency and the client / parent.


The other ‘how’ of tuition agency Singapore’ woks on the per-registration principle. In this approach a list of tutors are per-registered / enlisted with the tuition agency and on requirement, the client is given this list from which he / she can identify tutors and proceed towards developing a contractual agreement with the same.


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