Tuition Agency Singapore – Tips to Budget your Child’s Tuition fees

While Tuition agency is that one option that gives the necessary push to your child from being good to great in studies, parents are often anxious about spending huge tuition fees and chunking up on their monthly expenses. Since education is the foundation on which your child’s entire future is built, the fact remains that spending on good quality tutors give back much more than what you put in to start with. Having said that, it is also true that Tuition agency are not over the top costly. All you need to do is to understand the various elements and budget accordingly.

Rate per Hour:

The tuition rate per hour is perhaps the factor that parents are the most worried bout.  A tuition agency Singapore has various kinds of tutors both old and experienced full timers as well as young undergraduate part timers.  If you are strongly bothered about the rate per hour of tuition, you can always go for a younger undergraduate tutor for your child. For many children, communicating to a tutor who’s not very old is easier. Also, since the young tutors are also studying in universities themselves, they understand the study pattern and system better.

Duration of Tuition Session:

A good way to budget your child’s tuition fees is to focus on the duration of tuition sessions. Keep in mind that the ideal duration is anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours. A less than 1 hr session is insufficient while a greater than 2 hrs session results in fatigue in loss of attention in the student.

No of tuition days per week :

The third element while budgeting your child’s tuition agency fees is the no. of sessions per week.  Remember, that intense tuition sessions are only required before an examination for the purpose of revisions. Otherwise, 2-3 sessions per week is enough to both work out doubts and problems in daily assignments as well as gives a scope to the tutor to go ahead of the school curriculum.

Thus, a tuition agency Singapore tuition fee budget should be approximately around $30 per hour for eight 1.5 hours sessions in a month, or approximately $360 per month.

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