Tuition In Singapore

Tuition In Singapore: Why It’s Part Of The Culture

Home tuition has been part of Singaporean culture for as long as people can remember. Tuition isn’t a familiar term in other parts of the world, but it’s a very common household and academic term in Singapore. In the island state, home tuition is a value-added services requested by parents for their children’s education.

According to data released by the Department of Statistics, Singaporean households spend $820 million last year for home and centre-based tuition. The field is a booming business in Singapore, with over 500 tuition centres offering quality private education for students. This number has increased five times during the past decade, as a result of a growing need for educators and education in general. Currently, 90% of students attend a type of tuition class after their daily classes.

The Benefits Of Home Tuition In Singapore

The benefits of learning at a classroom setting include enhancing a child’s ability to interact socially as well as being able to pick up something new everyday not just from books but also his peers. However, learning in school isn’t as comprehensive as that of home tuition for several factors. For instance, teachers don’t necessarily have a lot of time to evaluate each student and focus on their needs. And because not all kids can catch up easily, they get confused and pressured when they don’t do well in exams and home works.

Having a one-to-one session with a private tutor help kids catch up on lessons they’ve missed in class, or just couldn’t understand. Even though private tuition still has a specific timetable for learning and evaluation, there’s not a lot of pressure involved since the child can focus on himself and what he needs to learn. He also doesn’t have to tune out any external distractions (e.g. classmates, noise) since he’s learning on his own.

Tuition In Singapore For Academic Excellence

A student has more chances of excelling at a certain class or a particular hobby when relevant skills are honed and their wisdom nourished. When the child gets to spend more time on studying a particular topic, they get to relish every piece of knowledge they’re being taught, helping him retain it better. Being able to learn at one’s own pace also helps, since there’s no pressure from fellow classmates or teachers to learn.

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