Traits of a Good Tutor

Every child has his own strengths and weaknesses. Just like any adult, they will excel in some fields and will be weaker in others. Does this mean that their weaknesses can’t be improved? Of course not! Recognizing a person’s strengths and weaknesses is something that a tutor needs to have if he wants to make an impact in the lives of his students. A good tuition agency in Singapore must train their tutors to look at every child and every student with fresh eyes. The tutors from a reputable tuition agency should be able to discern every child’s needs if they want to become a good and worthy tutor.

If you have been a part of a tuition agency in Singapore for a number of years, it is very possible for you to look at every child as if they were taken out from the same mold. Every child is different and children react differently to same stimuli so it is never a good idea to just give lessons across the board. A good tutor will deliver the same lesson but in a different light depending on what can catch the attention of his student.

As a tutor who has been in the business for a long time, it is really a temptation to just pattern everything according to the usual. There will be times that the “usual” will work with a lot of people but it will not work with everybody all the time. If you, as a tutor, do not learn how to present the same lessons over and over again then even you will be bored. When a tutor is bored in giving his lessons, then his students will be bored with the lesson as well. To have a great and rewarding career as a member of the tuition agency industry, you must have a genuine love for the students and for teaching in general. Never think that working in a tuition agency is just work because teaching is a calling and not just something that you do while waiting for something else.

Children will always be children and they will try your patience in every way that they can and as a tutor, you need to have patience that is seemingly never ending. You need to strike a balance between being patient and being firm. Being patient does not automatically mean that you have to keep on saying yes to your ward and let him do whatever he wants to do but being patient is trying to understand but at the same time knowing when to say “No” and “Stop”. It is never the role of a tutor to physically hurt the kids their tutor nor does he have the right to verbally abuse the child. A tutor is somebody who should be able to teach the child how to become a better learner, student and citizen as well. A good tutor from a good tuition agency will help mold the child’s overall personality development and not just focus solely in academics.

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