Teaching English with Confidence

The English language may be the language of the world and there are lots of countries that use English as their primary language but that does not mean that anybody from an English speaking country can automatically teach English. Any tuition agency in Singapore that is worth their worth will tell you that even non-native English speakers can be good tutors especially if they have been trained properly and schooled adequately.

English, just like any other language, has a lot of grammar rules to follow. Rules can be learned and it can definitely be followed. The only advantage that a native English speaker has is that he or she knows the language by heart but that doesn’t mean that he can speak and write in English correctly. How many times have we seen native English speakers mangle their own language? How many times have you read write-ups done by native English speakers that are full of grammatical errors? The same is true with whatever language you grew up with. Your advantage is that you know the language by heart but still the rules, especially if you have not spent a great deal of time learning it, are hard follow.

Anything and everything in this world can be learned – skills, language, rules, everything. For a teacher who desires to get employed in a tuition agency in Singapore to teach English, do not worry if you are not a native English speaker. If you have studied and proven yourself worthy academically to teach English, then your students will look up to you as a source of inspiration. Instead of focusing on the negative aspect of not growing up in a household that speaks in English, you can use it to inspire your student. If you, who like them can’t speak English well in the beginning, were able to master the language then they too can do it. Let your perseverance in learning the language push your students to work really hard as they too learn English from you.

A good tuition agency will not judge you because you weren’t born not speaking English so don’t be afraid to apply for a position because they will be fair in judging your capacity as an English teacher. They will be giving you exams, both in oral and written forms, so that they can see if you are good enough to become a part of their team.

In the beginning you may feel a bit inadequate in teaching English. This is understandable as you are still starting your career in the tuition agency. You can start teaching to very young kids first so that you will gain confidence as the days go by. Never forget to continue learning, listen to credible English speakers, read English newspapers, watch movies in English and do everything that you can to hone your craft as an English teacher. In due time, you will carve for yourself a name in the tuition agency business and who knows, you might be the newest owner of the most successful tuition agency in Singapore.

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