Is Your Child Ready For A Tutor?

As parents, you would go to any lengths to make sure that your child gets the best of everything, most especially education. This is also your main motivation in considering home tuition: when school does not seem to be enough for your child, you feel the need to supplement the learning with some focused coaching at home.

But Is Your Child Ready For A Tutor?

And it is also quite true that Singapore has its fair share of excellent home tuition options for students of all ages. The benefits of private tutoring are also extensive: it gives children another avenue to discover their abilities and perform better in school. It somehow creates a balance between children who learn relatively quickly and with ease when surrounded by classmates, and children who may have difficulty in such situations. No question: home tutors will affect the way your children learn, but there is also a bigger question for parents: are your children ready to take the plunge?

How To Determine If Your Child Is Ready For A Tutor

Is your child open to the idea of putting in extra work outside school? Does your child find nothing wrong with having tutors coach him or her in your home? Does a one-on-one coaching method sound appealing to your child? More often than not, all you need to do is ask your children if they are willing to do so.

When it comes to private tutors, a child’s willingness means a lot of things: it means your child wants to learn more. It means your child is ready to trust private tutors to provide additional academic guidance. It also means your child understands he or she needs it for his or her own good.

So before contacting any tutors, warm up your children to the idea first. Talk to them about the roles of tutors; convince them that tutoring would give them advantage rather than an additional burden of homework after school. Most of all, let them know that you will constantly be there for support, and that they should therefore not feel alone.

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