Are Private Tuitions Meant to Choke Your Kids with Academic Knowledge

Tuition agency and private tutor is often censured for simply spoon feeding kids with academic knowledge, and denying children certain skills that might prove useful in life. Generalizing something based on a few occurrences is not the way to analyze the efficacy of private tuitions. The whole thing depends on the type of tutor that has been hired to supplement the school education. If private tutoring is able to make kids understand what is taught in school in a much better way, then the same form of education will be effective to teach skills as well.

It is only a matter of selecting the right tuition teacher for the special requirements of your kid, or for whatever you think your kid should be learning. Tuition agency Singapore is a good place to find such a tutor. Finding a tutor on your own is quite daunting and there is no way of knowing about the person you are employing. Agencies have a good screening process and usually qualified tutors approach these agencies to find jobs. Since these agencies are worried about their reputations, they will not recommend someone, who is unsuitable for the particular type of tutoring you may have in mind.

The question whether private tuitions are meant to choke your kids with academic knowledge, seems quite out of place, when you know that you can find tutors who can teach whatever you feel is good for you kids. Private tuitions can turn out what you as parents want for your kids. If you feel gaining academic knowledge and scoring good marks is what is needed for success in today’s world then that is what you can provide you kids with the right tutor. If you feel gaining a certain skill, which is not taught in school is important for your kid, then choose a tutor who can impart such a skill to your kid. It eventually boils down to what you want your kid to learn, and you cannot blame that on any form of education. You only need to select the right tutor for the job, from a reputed tuition agency.

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