Does Private Tutoring Make Your Child Dependent

Tuition agency and private tutoring have been criticized for making kids dependent on another person, and making lose their creativity. However, when we take actual cases it tells a very different story. One thing is certain that children need guidance in their studies, but that does not mean they become dependent. For instance, guidance and supervision is provided in classrooms by schoolteachers. If we apply the same logic, then can we say that children are becoming dependent due to supervision of schoolteachers?



Somehow, people seem to apply a different set of rules when considering private tuitions. Consider what a good private tutor provided by tuition agency Singapore, does for your kid. First, the tutor will estimate your kid’s potential and abilities, and will plan a study schedule that is most suitable for your kid. Second, whenever your kid runs into difficulty in understanding any topic, the tutor will provide the required help by making your kid understand all aspects of the topic taught in the classroom. Now, does that make your kid dependent on the tutor? Well, your kid has to turn to somebody to get help, and it is not possible for your kid to approach the teacher in the classroom due to many reasons. Anyway, your kid needs to seek help from somebody to understand the topic, and it might as well be a good private tutor.



It is fortunate that your kid has somebody to turn to when he or she runs into trouble academically. If a tutor is not there, your kid needs to seek some other help. Therefore seeking help cannot make your kid dependent. In fact providing the right help at the right time will build a strong academic foundation for your kid. Having a strong foundation will help your kid in solving various problems in the future without anybody’s help. Hence, private tutoring makes your kid more independent and not the other way round. Of course, it is equally important to get the right kind of private tutor from a good tuition agency, who will not only help your kid become more independent, but also encourage your kid to be more creative.

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