How the Role of Tuition Agency Be Extended At Home

Probably the danger when hiring a professional such as a tutor from a recognized tuition agency Singapore is that parents may trail off in terms of the guidance that they are supposed to provide their children after school hours. Of course, having a tutor for our kid’s studies is a comforting thought. We know that our kids, no matter what their limitations are in terms of their academic performance, will always have the guidance so they can catch up with their peers in the classroom. However, even with a tutor to guide your children in their studies, it is essential that you extend the role of the tuition agency at home through these following steps.

Watching television after school is considered a luxury to a lot of kids. Make it a point to treat TV time a reward system wherein kids will only be allowed to watch the favourite shows only after they have committed their attention and focus towards their home works, projects or any school activity that they need to prepare for the next day. With this reward system in the home, kids will be more motivated to dedicate their energies towards the accomplishment of their school dues so they can enjoy the rest of the afternoon indulging on their cartoons. Make study time a little bit more fun especially during the weekends by having study tables and desks that are enticing to spend time at. When dealing with young learners, it definitely pays to be creative to catch their focus and their attention. More often than not, classrooms where tutors teach are decorated with lively colours and attractive fixtures so children would want to spend time in it while focusing on their school work. Create the same vibe at home by dedicating a room that will be used solely for studying. Make it an environment that is enticing for kids to spend time at while doing their school works such as reviewing for mastery tests or preparing school projects to be submitted in class the following school day. The role of a tuition agency does not stop in the 4 walls of the tutor’s classroom; with a little help and imagination, it can be extended in the home.

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