Inspired Payments for Inspired Tutors

At the end of the day, the art and science of a tuition agency Singapore all boils down to business. That is not to say that tuition agencies care nothing but the profit-making, but it is a fact of life that quality services that yield promising results will always come with a price tag. If you are a parent currently looking for ways to improve your child’s learning abilities, a tuition agency will always be the first solution that will come to mind. The reliance towards tuition agencies is put at a prime level these days given the reality that parents will not always have the time to mentor their kids at home.

Payment settlement schemes with one tuition agency to another varies since each agency is ran by different managers following different modes of profiteering. However, at Inspired Tuition, the payment settlement is literally inspired and is a winning situation for the parents and its service-users, the kids. What separates Inspired Tuition from other tuition agencies is that its services with the kids’ parents and guardians are free. If one wishes to inquire or ask several questions, no one will be vouched for a payment. Also, there is no need to satisfy a minimum number of classes before a tutor-student relationship can be terminated if the parents and the children are not satisfied with the tutor’s mentoring. If parents feel that it is time to look for a new tutor, they can terminate it on the get go and just settle for the numbers of classes that did took place. There is also no need to make pre-payments prior to the classes. Payments are only required for classes that the student was able to attend to and receive. With a tuition agency that has inspired payments like these, kids and their parents will not have a hard time making the most of their tutor’s time.

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