Private Tutoring and Short Attention Span of Your Kids

In a world that is fast changing, private tutoring, and services provided by a tuition agency, seem to be playing a predominant role in the education system today. It may be a cliché, but it is important to mention that each generation of students are different with their set of advantages and problems. We can distinctly observe that the present generation of kids is much smarter than what was maybe a decade ago. However, the present student generation also has certain issues, and one predominant problem is shorter attention span. The attention span is the limit a student is able to concentrate on a topic without being distracted. This span of time seems to be getting shorter with each student generation.




There can be many reasons behind a shorter attention span including modern living, exposure to electronic media, and so on. Most of these factors however cannot be controlled, but there is always a solution to the problem. As far as studying is concerned, the effects of this problem and the problem itself can be reduced considerably by hiring a good private tutor from tuition agency Singapore. Firstly, during a session of private tuition there are almost no distractions, and hence the attention of the student can stay fixed on the subject for a much longer time, which promotes better and faster learning. Secondly, even if the student’s attention is getting distracted, the tutor is in a position to notice it, and the tutor will try to drive the kid’s attention back to the topic.




In a classroom, this is obviously not possible. Firstly, for the classroom teacher it is not possible to notice if the attention of each kid is staying focused on the topic. Secondly, even if the teacher notices such a distraction it is not easy to cater to the individual requirements of each kid. The result is that your kid will not be learning what is expected, and may fall behind in studies, which will affect grades. Selecting a good private tutor from a tuition agency could be the best solution to the problem of decreasing attention span in students.

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