Can having tuition really help me to do well in my study?

Students who does relatively well in class but does not mind having extra lessons in English, Mathematics, Science and Chinese tuition. Why is this so? Some of the students we spoke to want tuition despite doing well in class. A student from a top school has this advice ”If you dont have tuition you have to really make sure you recap what you have learnt on your own but if you have tuition you don’t have a choice but to recap. There are alot of distraction at home, there are our mobile phones, computer, TV programs; without tuition I wouldn’t really revise what I have learnt”. Some students also believe strongly in a balance lifestyle & having 1-1 tuition at home for 3 or more subjects which give them the flexibility to shift lessons around to accommodate for other activities such as having games (football etc) and their CCAs.

Can having tuition really help? the fact remains that teachers in school just cannot teach everything in class. A tutor can give a student 100% attention; if you don’t understand anything there is an instant answer. Some parents do acknowledge that teachers don’t have time in class on drilling individual student on their fundamentals.



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