Inspired Math Tutor Helps Solving Maths Problem with Ease

At Inspired Tuition we have a gather some feedback from our Inspired Tutors on how to solve Primary Maths exam problems with ease.

1) Read Every Question TWICE : it is important that the student read every problem sums twice to make sure she/he understands very clearly what is required. UNDERLINE the KEY PHRASES as they serve as a guideline to answer the question correctly and most importantly answering accurately to what is being asked. At Inspired, our Inspired tutors can help the child to pick up the RIGHT clues and answer to the point.

2) Draw a Model or a Structure: Your child must be properly trained to have a tool such as a table, a bar model, branching method to help her solve a question. A model is to help her to visualise a complete picture of the situation and get a good idea of what is required and work towards the solution in a systematic fashion.

3) Answer in an intelligence way: The proper way to solve a problem sum is by using a model (no short cut method!). It can be rather confusing for examiners if answer involve abstract workings without a structure or a model. Secondly please present your working method neatly!

There are some other discussion with our Inspired tutors on how to choose the RIGHT TECHNIQUE Testing of answer, tracking of time etc.. on our next write up. Please follow us on our facebook!


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