Understanding A Child Personality… Part 1

Understanding personality traits of children will help us understand them better and provide them with the right environment for them to learn an bloom.

No 1 The Self Absorbed Child

The Child may appear to be disinterested and easily tired with everything around him. The self-absorbed child will usually not be curious to explore his surroundings and may thrive in regular routine. This passive child although seeming quiet has a vivid imagination which can blossom as he grows older.

An inspired tutor we spoke to, give her view that tutors should never give up on this child. He may reach out to you in very subtle ways. Tutors should respond to that soft cue with zeal and support. If tutors show him disinterest then over time he will simply shut out and stay in his own world.

No 2 The Enthusiastic Child

They are talkative display high levels of intelligence and are enthusiastic about life. They like to take charge and be involved in seeking knowledge. They can be the boredom busters in social settings but sometimes they can also be annoying and may be mistaken to be attention seekering. They are interested in a wide spectrum of activities and thrive on intellectual conversations.

Tips from our inspired tutor: See this as an opportunity to celebrate his personality, provide ample opportunities to pursue creatives task. Do not shut him up instead teach empathy and show him how to be sensitive to the feelings of others and his surroundings.

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