Common mistakes in JC Economics shared by our Inspired Tutor

JC Economics students can avoid these mistakes, they can excel in their econs papers.

A good preparation come with a good arrangement techniques in a linked and integrated manner to cover the syllabus. Most of the students fail to accumulate a substantial amount of questions to comprehensively cover the variety of questions types needed to tackle the various  chapters of Economics. They often fail to read the extract carefully and link them to appropriately to economic principles. Another common mistake is the lack of knowledge of micro, regional and international economic entities as students simply study from their lecture notes without empirical application. Slow in understanding the question and careless in their answering, they fail to highlight the main phrases in extract and then relating them to the principles. Without this, they will find it diffcult to support their answer and derive the actual evidence to support the economics causation. Organisation technique of answering is vital, if not it will becomes less logical and convincing. Answers without proper economic terms and processes will also affect their grading. In graphical explanation, many a time students fail to label diagrams and properly show the changes in curves to support their explanation. It will take greater effort and persistance to resolve these common mistakes but having a clear understanding will be a good start.


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