Facing Facts about Private Tutoring

October 23rd, 2013

A tuition agency provides an important service to the community at large, and helps to improve the educational level in any location. There might be people opposing this point of view, but it is time that we all faced certain facts. The first important fact is that education now has become highly competitive, and higher scores do matter. Secondly, the level of education has also improved tremendously in comparison to what was taught in schools a few years ago. Each country strives to make their education system the best across the globe, and correspondingly kids have to keep up with the syllabus.

The educational system, teachers, and ultimately parents are all striving to extract the full potential from kids. Many view this as a bad thing, but ultimately these children have to excel in the modern world that is evolving at a very fast pace. In order to achieve the best potential from any child, the present school system may not be able to deliver what each child requires individually. Hence, private tutoring becomes indispensable in most situations, when parents want their kids to excel in their studies.

The next question is whether parents should resort to private tutoring only when their kids are falling short in certain subjects. This is a highly debatable topic, and many factors have to be considered. Firstly, even though private tutoring is quite reasonably priced, it is not cheap either. Hence, the affordability aspect is usually weighed against necessity. However, when the parent considers only from the point of view of improving the potential of their child, private tutoring always wins, as the right tutor can improve the learning capacity of a child phenomenally.

When you are considering your child’s future, it is not wise to scrounge on the educational budget. It is time we faced the fact that private mentoring has become a necessity in the modern educational context. It is also now quite easy to get the ideal tutor for your child’s requirements through tuition agency Singapore. Hence, when such excellent services of a tuition agency are available, it would not be wise to endanger the educational future of your child.

Are Private Tuitions Meant to Choke Your Kids with Academic Knowledge

October 22nd, 2013

Tuition agency and private tutor is often censured for simply spoon feeding kids with academic knowledge, and denying children certain skills that might prove useful in life. Generalizing something based on a few occurrences is not the way to analyze the efficacy of private tuitions. The whole thing depends on the type of tutor that has been hired to supplement the school education. If private tutoring is able to make kids understand what is taught in school in a much better way, then the same form of education will be effective to teach skills as well.

It is only a matter of selecting the right tuition teacher for the special requirements of your kid, or for whatever you think your kid should be learning. Tuition agency Singapore is a good place to find such a tutor. Finding a tutor on your own is quite daunting and there is no way of knowing about the person you are employing. Agencies have a good screening process and usually qualified tutors approach these agencies to find jobs. Since these agencies are worried about their reputations, they will not recommend someone, who is unsuitable for the particular type of tutoring you may have in mind.

The question whether private tuitions are meant to choke your kids with academic knowledge, seems quite out of place, when you know that you can find tutors who can teach whatever you feel is good for you kids. Private tuitions can turn out what you as parents want for your kids. If you feel gaining academic knowledge and scoring good marks is what is needed for success in today’s world then that is what you can provide you kids with the right tutor. If you feel gaining a certain skill, which is not taught in school is important for your kid, then choose a tutor who can impart such a skill to your kid. It eventually boils down to what you want your kid to learn, and you cannot blame that on any form of education. You only need to select the right tutor for the job, from a reputed tuition agency.

Tuition Agency As Learning Partners

October 22nd, 2013

Hiring the services of a tuition agency Singapore does not mean that your child is not as bright as his or her other classmates. Today, you cannot be too sure and simply rely on the teacher for your kids’ daily nuggets of knowledge. Coming to class prepared the next day may be a challenge for kids who have a hard time concentrating on their subjects, most especially for kids whose parents are not available to check on them and see how they are currently doing in school. This is a fact of life that parents can be too busy to check in on their kids’ assignments and current progress in school. This is the reason why a tuition agency is set in place to answer these very practical needs of parents.


With a tuition agency, you do not need to worry about whether your child is keeping up with class discussions in school. Kids today can be very distracted, and you cannot be 100% visible around them to monitor their focus and concentration. It is important that kids see tutors at the end of the day to make sure that their assignments are accomplished, their projects are made ahead of the deadline and they are prepared for quizzes and mastery tests the next day. Also, if kids have certain areas of difficulty such as in heavy subjects like Science, Phonetics or Mathematics, they can ask their tutors to explain it to them at a level and frequency that they will understand. Starting kids young with a sense of strictness in terms of their scholastic achievements can be very useful especially when they get older and attend a university and do school work by themselves. Starting them young means you are preparing them early with the challenges that lie ahead before them.

Tuition Agencies for Tutor Employment

October 21st, 2013

A tuition agency is not just a place for parents or guardians to get tutors for their kids. It is also the best place for tutors to seek employment. There is just so little that can be done when a professional seeks to find a job or a form of employment related to his or her expertise on his or her own. Just imagine the amount of talk and reaching out that one has to do just to introduce oneself to other people that “hey I’m a tutor, do you need a tutor for your child?” Tying up with an organization, or more specifically an agency for that matter, makes employment easier and more facilitated than ever.

As much as parents and guardians would want to rely on tuition agencies for help and for their peace of mind, tutors also gain that equal sense of peace of mind knowing that the parents who want their services have legitimate needs and are guaranteed not to fool them in the long run. Also, if you are a tutor and if you tie up with an agency, the asking rate will be uniform and relative to your expertise and qualifications. If ever you plan to introduce your tutoring services on your own to parents or friends, you might end up charging low than what you could be getting if you are a member of a tuition agency. Even ex-teachers and present teachers can find employment as a tutor by working with a tuition agency.

Another great aspect of tuition agencies in terms of tutors seeking employment is that the demand for a tutor’s service will be regular. As more and more kids are being sent to school and as more parents feel the need to have a tutor for their child’s school life, there is also the steady and rising demand for tutors. A tuition agency Singapore can guarantee your employment without you having to look for a client yourself.

The Benefits You Can Reap With Tutors as Learning Partners

October 21st, 2013

Having a tutor does not mean that a particular student or child is a slow learner. When it comes to education, all the big guns must be pulled out in order to bring out the best in every learner. Even while kids are as young as kindergarten or nursery students, having tutors to help them in their course of learning is a wise idea that should be open to all parents. Although parents can facilitate after-school chores such as assignments and homeworks, having tutors to visit the kids at home will surely seem like an extension of the school. That way, parents can focus on their careers and their own activities once they get home while leaving the mentoring and the shadowing of their kids’ education with the experts. If you want a tutor as a learning partner for your kids, it best to consult a tuition agency singapore for this. With a tuition agency at hand, you can have the best list of possible tutors to hire to look after your kids’ educational success.

The benefit of having tutors for your kids is that the school environment can be extended in the home. More often than not, tutors have a background in child education, which allows them to be fully licensed and recognized in their field as teachers. If you are looking into the possibility of hiring a tutor for your kids, it is best that you put a teaching license and a credible education background as the first two considerations before you hire. Tuition agencies can filter this consideration for you, so you get to choose the best tutor in the group. Another benefit of having tutors is that you have a professional who can let your child develop the sense of focus, concentration and enthusiasm towards learning. Tutors have their own creative ways of making learning a fun and exciting experience. Especially for kids and young adults who can easily get bored once the subject topics sound too farfetched for their comprehension to keep up with, tutors can whip up an ingenious way of making seemingly complicated subject topics to lively and engaging discussions. With tutors, parents can ensure that their kids are ready with their projects and assignments that are to be submitted in class the next day. Moreover, once the periodical exams are around the corner, tutors can help kids study well, so they get to bring home good grades in their report cards.

Although the idea of tutors is mostly common to young children, there are also tutors for high school students and students who are in state colleges and universities. Anyone who feels the need to have a learning partner can have a tutor to guide them anytime they wish to.

In this day when everyone should be at the top of their game in terms of their education, it pays to have all the right help you can get in order to have scholastic standing that you can use in the future when you are looking for a job. Every student’s success does not lie solely on their teachers and their fervor for studying, but also with the help of their tutors.

Perks of Tuition Singapore Agencies

October 20th, 2013

The mantra “no child left behind” is such a comforting line to hear especially in industries such as a tuition Singapore agency. The commitment towards scholastic achievement is always rooted during the early ages of a child. Starting a child young towards a promising path will always yield positive results in the long run. When the habit of studying diligently and religiously is put to practice under the guidance of a competent and professional tutor, the benefits are endless for the child’s future.

There are different Singapore tuition agencies available, and it is important that you choose the agency that meets your needs and goals. As parents, it is our responsibility to give our children the leverage and the proper guidance regarding our kids’ learning experience. At Ignite Tuition Center, you can achieve that in an instant. At this tuition agency, you can choose from different levels and subjects in primary, secondary and junior college education. English, Mathematics, Chinese and Science curriculum are taught in the primary level, English, Elementary Mathematics, Chinese, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Combined Sciences in the secondary level, and H1/H2 Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Economics in the junior college level. What is great about Ignite Tuition Center’s curriculum is that it is always up to date with the MOE syllabus so you know that your kids are learning what they are supposed to be learning given their current school level. The group classes are small, which allows all the students in the class to focus and participate equally during class discussions. Moreover, the small group class size allows the teacher assigned to focus on all her students, and should the students have any difficulties catching up, the teacher can immediately address the student’s need. With a Singapore tuition agency as a partner towards your child’s scholastic achievements, you know you are painting the right future for your child.

Of Scholarly Dreams and Tutors for Companions

October 20th, 2013

We all want the best for our children. Even to those who are not parents yet, but are planning to have children eventually in the near future, the aspiration towards education for the future children and their excellence while they are at it is anybody’s dream. After all, why would you not dream big for your future kin and offspring? Especially today when the market and professional industries get more and more competitive by the minute, the pressing need to have colorful and excellent scholastic records is a must, and a lifelong preparation that starts during the formative years of children. The possibility towards becoming a doctor, a lawyer, a social worker, a teacher or a scientist is certainly not far behind if the right assistance towards your children’s studies are provided. This is where the role of a tuition agency Singapore comes into the picture.

The idea of a tuition agency may not be a common term to some people, but the idea of tutors or tutorship probably is. A tuition agency allows parents and guardians to have that peace of mind that their kids are getting the best assistance possible in terms of their school’s syllabus. Tackling different subjects such as Science, Social Studies, Manners and Right Conduct, Mathematics, Music, Art and so all at the same time may be a wee bit overwhelming for children especially to those who just stepped from a nursery or kindergarten level. Tutors are the best after-school partners in order to ensure that kids get to master the topics and the course subjects that they have taken up for the day. What is significant about tutors is that they are also young, but they have substantial educational background and experience in terms of tutoring and subject mastery. With a tutor’s youthful demeanor, they can easily connect with the kids they will be mentoring. That is a vital part of the equation in order to get kids active and attentive with their home works with the aid of their respective tutors.

Although there is more attention and need to have tutors mentoring children enrolled in primary education, there are also parents who see to it to have tutors mentoring their kids who are already in high school. Children have different ways of learning as well as different levels and concentration of focus and attention span. In order to ensure that kids get high grades and excellent remarks after quarterly exams and periodicals, a tutor is the best study partner to facilitate this scholastic trend. They say that it is best to start a scholastic trend while kids are young, so they know how high their expectations should be for themselves in terms of their academic success.

Tutors are certainly parents’ partners in terms of ensuring the scholastic achievements of their children. Tutors not only make sure that the kids they are mentoring are performing well, they also submit progress reports to the parents, so even the parents stay on track. A good school is a good investment, and a tutor in tow makes it better.

Tuition Agency as Parent’s Partner

October 19th, 2013

A parent will do anything for his or her child; selfless acts showing utmost love and concern for their kids well-being and safety; and noble deeds to define and prove a heart full of love for their special ones like providing a good and happy home environment, shelter from the storm, clothes to keep them warm, and even the best education possible like sending them to a school with really good standards and reputation. But as real as it can get, everything comes with a price to pay and the tags say it all. Parents also need to earn and work hard (even work double for some) to be able to fully measure what is required for responsible parenthood. Either business or work employment as a means to make a living and then the need to fulfil other household chores necessary to uphold further needs of the family, there are moments that (even though parents would love to have the time) they cannot fully give some more of it to guide and help their kids in their studies. And for this reason, Tuition Agency steps into the scene to partner with parents in making sure that the “precious ones” will not miss out on anything particularly in the learning phase as a student.

Tuition agency Singapore is indeed a parent’s partner in helping out kids gain an ounce of confidence as they work their way little by little and making them excel in school. Progress can be monitored as the rapport between tutor and tutee develops time and again having the kids be encouraged further to focus and that they can be able to conquer what they put their heart and mind on. Whatever difficulty a child might be going through with a subject can be overcome with the right guidance of highly trained and well-equipped tutors from Tuition Agency.

Tuition Agency as your Child’s Coach

October 19th, 2013

The world has come to know “His Airness”, who by all standards ever created in Basketball had achieved every milestone surpassing most of the records. We simply call him by his initials, MJ with that famous number “23” that had been an inspiration for many not only sports enthusiasts but from all walks of life who were able also to pay tribute to him in books or in inspirational talks because of what he had written down in history. It is as if you can put him in any team in the NBA and he will likely win but not so fast! Michael Jordan played for the Chicago Bulls under Coach Phil Jackson. When MJ’s final era with the Bulls in 1998 drew to its end, the nicknamed “Zen Master” Jackson went with the Los Angeles Lakers in 1999 to continue taking his chances mentoring or coaching players. Did MJ get the glory and titles he had accomplished before including championships after that? NO. Did the new team under Jackson’s care continue to flourish? YES, and you have a new Kobe Bryant as star. What’s the relevance and what is the point of having a coach or a tutor like Tuition Agency?


Your child teamed with the right tutor at Tuition agency Singapore is a good indication of a positive change that can happen to him or her as there will be a real encouragement in the transfer of knowledge from their tutor. Not only that but there will be further enhancement of the skill level that your kid has and it will be taken to new heights through series of repetitions focusing on his or her strengths and enabling them to muster their way to excellence bringing a sense of success, fulfilment and a developed self-esteem. It is all about letting your kid be with the right coach at Tuition Agency.

A child’s tool, Tuition Agency

October 18th, 2013

If you were handed out a pair of pliers, screwdrivers, some nuts and bolts, a couple of tucks, a wedge, a hammer and some nails, what are you most likely be doing? Are you repairing something related to construction or electricity or are you going to be working in the garden perhaps? What are the odds that it is a no brainer question? Of course the last will be the least of the area you will be found being busy and getting your hands full! But is it really always the case? Do you always know what you need to do even if there are tools available and all the obvious are given out? It will all boil down to being able to know how to use these tools and when to use it exactly. It can also be what your child experiences as he or she is handed over the books, notebooks, pens, pads, lessons, the internet and a curriculum as guide. They know they need to do something about it in order not to fail the upcoming test, for them to be able to comply to a given project or to be able to answer their teacher’s questions in the class but they can at times struggle to when and how books, internet, their teacher’s instructions and studying will fall perfect together. This is the time Tuition agency Singapore acts as a key tool for your child.

Tuition Agency is your child’s tool in putting all the pieces of the puzzle together to a perfect fit! The tutors will be able to help guide your kid as he or she complies with the school requirements and discover their way to making the most of the tools handed to them from their textbooks to the internet coupled with their teacher’s discussions and having Tuition agency Singapore enhance the necessary to their maximum potential.