Private Tutoring vs. Classroom Training

Most parents prefer to supplement the education of their kids with private tuitions from a reputed tuition agency, as they feel classroom training may not be enough. The education provided in a classroom is no doubt important, but increasing competition has made academic excellence the most important requirement for getting into better schools or for securing lucrative jobs. Children can excel in academics when they are able to perform at their full potential. To tap their full potential and increase their capabilities, private tutoring is the only solution, as classroom training falls short due to many reasons.



 One of the main drawbacks of classroom training is teacher’s attention being divided over multiple kids. The teacher does not have the opportunity or the time to pay individual attention to the requirements of each kid. The mode of training is generic and hence kids can miss out a lot in a classroom. Secondly, even though the classroom provides an excellent opportunity to socialize with other kids, it also becomes the major cause for distractions. Kids are unable to give their full attention to what is being taught, as their minds are occupied by the mischief played by other kids. After returning home, the kid is at a loss on what was taught and is unable to cope with the homework. If this occurs on a daily basis, a lot can be missed and work will pile up alarmingly. In such a situation, a private tutor that is provided by tuition agency Singapore would be the ideal solution.


In private tutoring, there is one on one interaction with the teacher without any distractions. The tutor is able to assess the particular difficulties faced by the kid in learning something, and is able to provide a customized solution to the problem. The tutor is able to give undivided attention to the kid, and makes sure the student has assimilated everything that is taught. Such a thing is obviously not possible in a classroom with multiple students. If you consider the long syllabus and the amount of things, each kid has to learn in school, it is definitely wise to employ a good tutor from a reputed tuition agency.

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