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Is Private Tuitions the Ideal Solution for All Kids

Friday, May 31st, 2013

A private tutor provided by a tuition agency is considered the ideal solution for kids to obtain academic excellence. Since kids have varying degrees of intellectual prowess and capacity to study, it is often debated whether all kids should be given private tutoring. In a classroom, you will find students who are below average, average, above average, and some with certain learning difficulties. The question is whether private tuitions are helpful for all types of students, and what is the opinion of people regarding this matter.



According to Blackbox, a well-known research company in Singapore, 83% people feel that average students receive benefits from tuitions. It is interesting to note that comparatively only 73% people feel that tuitions will be helpful for children with learning disabilities. Lastly, about 67% people felt that tuitions were helpful for above average students. If we consider these statistics, it is obvious that the majority feel tuitions do have an impact on the academic performance of a student. Even for above average students 67% people are for providing tuitions. This shows that people in Singapore are concerned about their children gaining academic excellence in a highly competitive environment, and they are proactively taking steps in finding the right tutor through tuition agency Singapore.



Apart from the public opinions, when we consider the efficacy of private tutoring, it has been seen that it is very beneficial for all types of students. This is mainly because every type of student needs to acquire a competitive edge in academic excellence, whether it is for getting into a better school or gaining a lucrative job. Parents have come to realize that it is not wise to depend fully on classroom training, as there are lesser chances for kids to realize their full potential in such a training environment. Private tutoring on the other hand provides a much better environment that is free of any distractions, and there is one-on-one interaction with the teacher. This is a much better way of learning for any type of student including above average kids. The only thing to keep in mind is to get an ideal tutor best suited for the learning requirements of your kid, through a reputed tuition agency.

Role of Private Tutoring in Motivating Students

Monday, May 27th, 2013

Tuition agency is a good place to procure a tutor who is ideally suited for the particular requirements of your kid. Most parents are of the opinion that their kids are quite smart, but are unable to score higher in their exams. There could be many reasons to this, but it is often found that most children lack interest in studying or are plain lazy. Parents are usually unable to provide the right kind of motivation, which not only frustrates the parent, but also creates a sense of disappointment in children for not meeting the standards set by their parents. This can become a vicious circle and the problem can get out of hand.



 There are many distractions for kids in the modern world ranging from computer games to spending time with friends. Students find these things quite entertaining and are unable to divert their interests towards studies, even when they have the potential to secure good marks. This is a sad situation, as kids can ruin their careers even when they have the potential to succeed. The problem is absence of right kind of motivation, which can only be given by a person who holds a position of authority. Parents are too close to their kids and what they say does not usually make any impact. Schoolteachers are too busy to motivate students individually, and hence generic motivational speeches in classrooms do not have much effect. However, a private tutor supplied by a tuition agency Singapore can provide the right kind of motivation, and there are more chances of the student listening to such a person.



 A private tutor will be interacting with the student almost daily, which provides an insight into the student’s mind. A good tutor can see what can inspire the student and uses these aspects to motivate studies. Sometimes when the student is confronted by questions as to why he or she is not able to acquire good marks, the lack of interest in studies becomes obvious and there is a sincere attempt by the student to change. The only thing required is a good tutor recommended by a tuition agency, who is able to assess the student and provide the right motivation.

Private Tutoring vs. Classroom Training

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

Most parents prefer to supplement the education of their kids with private tuitions from a reputed tuition agency, as they feel classroom training may not be enough. The education provided in a classroom is no doubt important, but increasing competition has made academic excellence the most important requirement for getting into better schools or for securing lucrative jobs. Children can excel in academics when they are able to perform at their full potential. To tap their full potential and increase their capabilities, private tutoring is the only solution, as classroom training falls short due to many reasons.



 One of the main drawbacks of classroom training is teacher’s attention being divided over multiple kids. The teacher does not have the opportunity or the time to pay individual attention to the requirements of each kid. The mode of training is generic and hence kids can miss out a lot in a classroom. Secondly, even though the classroom provides an excellent opportunity to socialize with other kids, it also becomes the major cause for distractions. Kids are unable to give their full attention to what is being taught, as their minds are occupied by the mischief played by other kids. After returning home, the kid is at a loss on what was taught and is unable to cope with the homework. If this occurs on a daily basis, a lot can be missed and work will pile up alarmingly. In such a situation, a private tutor that is provided by tuition agency Singapore would be the ideal solution.


In private tutoring, there is one on one interaction with the teacher without any distractions. The tutor is able to assess the particular difficulties faced by the kid in learning something, and is able to provide a customized solution to the problem. The tutor is able to give undivided attention to the kid, and makes sure the student has assimilated everything that is taught. Such a thing is obviously not possible in a classroom with multiple students. If you consider the long syllabus and the amount of things, each kid has to learn in school, it is definitely wise to employ a good tutor from a reputed tuition agency.

Private Tuitions for Holistic Development

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Services provided by a tuition agency can help parents find the ideal tutor for their kids. There has always been a lot of debate about private tutoring; however, parents have always found a big improvement in their kids after employing a tutor. Due to high level of competition, it is imperative for kids these days to score high marks. However, scoring high marks should not be the only aim, and parents should look at a more holistic approach in the educational development of their kids.



Sometimes a small weakness in your child about a particular topic may undermine what your kid is able to achieve overall in a subject. For instance, particular weakness in calculus might shake the confidence of your child in mathematics overall. Alternatively, your kid may be quite good in English language and is doing well in written papers, but may have problems speaking the language. Hence, whenever there is an oral exam, you kid is bound to perform poorly. This is because there is no holistic approach to training. You cannot expect such an approach in the training provided in classrooms, as the teacher has to deal with many kids in the classroom and it is not possible to provide individual attention to the requirements of each kid. On the other hand, a competent private tutor provided by tuition agency Singapore is ideally suited to provide holistic training, which will result in kids achieving their full overall potential.



A private tutor firstly has the advantage of teaching in a relaxed home environment, which is free of distractions. Secondly, the tutor will have the time to assess particular issues in your kids that is holding him or her back. Hence, the tutor will be able to formulate a teaching program suited for the particular needs of your kid, which will translate into more holistic training. In modern times it is not just the academic marks that counts, but the overall development in a person. A student has to perform optimally at all levels to achieve excellence and this is possible only through holistic training provided by a good tutor from a reputed tuition agency.

Private Tutoring and Responsibility of Parents

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

A tuition agency can help parents in executing their responsibilities towards the academic advancement of their children. Many parents have come to realize the important role played by private tutoring in improving the studying level of their children. There is not only an improvement in academic scores, but kids become more efficient in studying and are able to understand various subjects on a much better level.

Providing best education for their children is the primary responsibility of any parent. The level of excellence required has also grown with the passing of time, as every field has become more and more competitive. Classroom training has certain shortcomings even in the best of schools, and hence private tuitions have now become a necessity rather than a luxury. If parents are aiming to develop the full potential of their kids, private tutoring cannot be ignored. It is the responsibility of parents to see that their kids are well prepared to face a highly competitive world in the future. The level of education has risen considerably in schools all over the world, and the syllabus has become longer. Most kids are unable to cope with coursework simply by attending school classes. Extra training is required to fill in the gap of what is missed in the classroom. A private tutor from a reputed tuition agency Singapore takes care of such issues and is also responsible for motivating kids to study harder.


Most parents lead very busy professional lives and do not have the time to help their children with their studies. Many parents, who have the time, may not have the knack of teaching even if they hold high qualifications in a particular field. As mentioned previously, kids are not able to cope with studies on their own due to several reasons. It may be some learning difficulties, or they are simply not interested or lazy. It is the duty of parents to see that their children overcome all issues and study properly. Hiring a private tutor from a reputed tuition agency is the only solution to all these problems, and parents should not shirk from this responsibility.

Are Parents Overburdening their Kids with Private Tuitions

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

The increasing demand for private tutors has put a great strain on tuition agency, and sometimes, parents may not be able to find a competent teacher if they wait until the last moment. However, many people are still debating if private tutoring is a viable solution for receiving better educational training and better scores. Some parents are concerned about overburdening their children with extra studies and homework, because of private tuitions. There is a dilemma because parents are not sure whether they are helping their kids with tuitions or only creating more stress for them.


There is certainly a fine balance between creating undue stress, and putting in the work required for achieving academic excellence. However, this can be effectively solved when you employ the ideal tutor from a reputed tuition agency Singapore. The tutor will develop an effective teaching program that is ideally suited for the learning requirements of your kid. However, at the same time the tutor will also evaluate the reaction of your kid to the new regimen and will make certain changes to make the program more appealing and fun for your kid. This way, your kid will not feel the additional burden of tuitions and in fact will be under lesser stress than before. Actually, a kid feels more stress when he or she is trying to handle all studies on their own without any outside help.


 Employing a private tutor will take off much pressure from your kids, as your children can now rely on the tutor to solve any difficulties that they may face while studying. Kids are able to cope much better with the classroom homework, as the tutor will be explaining whatever they may have missed in class. When kids are experiencing less stress, they are able to progress much faster and get better marks. The improved scores will boost their confidence levels, and they will be looking forward to private tutoring classes. Therefore, the question of overburdening your kids is not actually applicable to private tutoring, provided you hire the ideal tutor from a reputed tuition agency.

Facts about Tuition Agency Singapore

Friday, May 10th, 2013

If you are a parent currently in the market for a tuition agency Singapore, you need to get some facts straight first so you can arrive at a sound decision. For parents who have very high standards in terms of their child’s academic performance in school, looking out for a tuition agency that has the right tutor for your child’s learning skills and adaptability is not an easy task. It is essential that when you are looking for an agency to get a tutor from, you have to make sure that it is a reputable and trusted name by most parents. Words, whether good or bad, get around quick in circles with common demographics. If a particular agency is known to be a trust worthy name for quality tutors, then that is the agency you should contact for your child’s academic support needs.

Also, agencies should be a recognised body of tutor providers among educators. Since most tutors are teachers themselves, you know that contacting an agency that has educators are truly qualified tutors for your children. With an agency that helps you search for a tutor that meets your specific requirements and qualifications, it will not be hard for you to provide your child the guidance he or she needs for a truly holistic and scholastic development in school. Tutors are not limited to just teaching the basics of your child’s present level in school. They make sure to go the extra mile in answering your child’s queries about certain in topics in school that have already been discussed but they do not understand well. This is a common scenario among kids especially since daily school classes are not only focused on one topic. Rather, a list of different topics from different class subjects are tackled and discussed by the teacher. Once a tutor can fill in the role of a teacher after school hours, students can definitely be able to catch up. Skill and competency are 2 critical factors that an agency should look for in filing tutors in their database. Moreover, go for an agency that also seeks for your feedback in terms of the effectiveness of the tutor you hired. A tuition agency that sees your role as truly important in the tutor-student relationship is worth working well with.