Is Private Tuitions the Ideal Solution for All Kids

A private tutor provided by a tuition agency is considered the ideal solution for kids to obtain academic excellence. Since kids have varying degrees of intellectual prowess and capacity to study, it is often debated whether all kids should be given private tutoring. In a classroom, you will find students who are below average, average, above average, and some with certain learning difficulties. The question is whether private tuitions are helpful for all types of students, and what is the opinion of people regarding this matter.



According to Blackbox, a well-known research company in Singapore, 83% people feel that average students receive benefits from tuitions. It is interesting to note that comparatively only 73% people feel that tuitions will be helpful for children with learning disabilities. Lastly, about 67% people felt that tuitions were helpful for above average students. If we consider these statistics, it is obvious that the majority feel tuitions do have an impact on the academic performance of a student. Even for above average students 67% people are for providing tuitions. This shows that people in Singapore are concerned about their children gaining academic excellence in a highly competitive environment, and they are proactively taking steps in finding the right tutor through tuition agency Singapore.



Apart from the public opinions, when we consider the efficacy of private tutoring, it has been seen that it is very beneficial for all types of students. This is mainly because every type of student needs to acquire a competitive edge in academic excellence, whether it is for getting into a better school or gaining a lucrative job. Parents have come to realize that it is not wise to depend fully on classroom training, as there are lesser chances for kids to realize their full potential in such a training environment. Private tutoring on the other hand provides a much better environment that is free of any distractions, and there is one-on-one interaction with the teacher. This is a much better way of learning for any type of student including above average kids. The only thing to keep in mind is to get an ideal tutor best suited for the learning requirements of your kid, through a reputed tuition agency.

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