Tuition Agency FAQs for Parents

A lot of uncomfortable questions are lurking in your mind about tuition agencies. Whether they are reliable or not, whether they are of any help or not, whether they would be within your budget or not. Many people enrol their kids every year in a tuition agency and have found it beneficial.


For those who are apprehensive, here are some FAQs that might be of help:


• How do I look for an apt agency for my child?
Consider three things. One, how far is the agency from your residence? Two, how popular is the agency in terms of providing desirable results with your kids? Three, what kind of tutors are available and will they look into your child’s individual needs? If these three questions are answered then you are all set to have your child enrolled into an agency.


• Are tuition agencies an expensive affair?
Depending on which grade your child is, a tuition agency will charge you. So if your child is in primary then you will be charged something between $20 to 25, for secondary it could be between $28 to 37 and so on. You can go online and have a look at various tuition agencies Singapore before making a decision as the charges may vary from agency to agency. The fees also vary in some agencies according to the qualifications of the tutor allotted for tutoring your child.


• Will my child perform better than other kids by such a service?
Tuition agencies usually have a lot of tutors who are well qualified to enhance your child’s understanding of the subjects in the academic realm. Yes, your child will have an upper hand than many other kids who do not enrol into such an agency. But the guarantee of imbibing the interest in academics of your child is something that no agency can provide.


• How do I request for a tutor?
There just one simple step that you need to take after you have chosen the agency for your child to enrol in. Go the website of that tuition agency and look for a section which allows parents to place a request. Fill in the simple form and you will hear from the agency in a while.

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