Tutor FAQs

Are you planning a career as a tutor, but do not know how to go about it? If you have questions about the registration procedure and are not sure about which tuition agency to choose,

Here are some FAQs that you can take a look at and get a better idea about tutoring agency Singapore:

  • How old do you need to be to apply as a tutor?

  • Usually tutoring agencies do not have rigid criteria for age. Most tutoring agencies are comfortable taking anybody over 18 years of age in as a tutor

  • Does a tutoring agency Singapore have strict rules for qualifications?

  • No, there may be some agencies that do have certain rules for qualifications. But you will usually find a lot of such agencies which look beyond mere qualifications. There are many agencies that look at your teaching skills, style and your knowledge before hiring you. Qualification in such cases would be secondary. Try looking for such agencies online. There is lot of scope for people who love teaching but do not have enough qualifications.

  • How do I register as a tutor with an agency?

  • These days it is very easy to apply or register as a tutor online. You need to log on to the website of the desired tuition agency and look for a section made for registration for tutors. Many agencies now allow for this registration free of cost.

  • How do agencies go about the payments?

  • Most tuition agencies are pretty flexible with their payments. The payment for your first month will have a one time deduction of 50% commission usually by the agency. After the one time fee, every month the clients’ payment due to you will be given without any such deductions.

  • What happens if fake documents are produced with such agencies?

  • Your account with the agency will be closed if you have not produced genuine documents to the agency. False testimonials, grades or results will face strict action from any tuition agency. Please make sure that such situations are avoided and you produce 100% genuine documents.

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