Create an Inspired and Motivating Study Space Part 2

Part 2: Think Ergonomics

The arrangement of chair, desk and equipment can have adverse effects on health eg myriad back problem can arise from an unhealthy setup of a study. So invest in Ergonomic furniture whenever possible.

a) Desk – For wood surface maple wood is a good choice. Plastic laminates make a goodalternatives too. An L-shaped table allows for a large work area.

b) Foot Rest-  usually we would miss out having a footrest but this can work wonders. They can relieve pressure from thighs, knees and ankles and hence reduce the strain on legs.

c) Chair- Buy a good chair and your back will thank you. Choose a chair with a back that inclines inwards to support the lumbar area. The contours of a chair should form the natural curves of the spine. Its back should be widw enough to support the shoulders. Armrests takes the weight off your neck and shoulders and allows children to pull close to the desk.

Part 3: Think Lifestyle

a) Storage- should be functional and durable. Choose ones that are flexible and provide maximum use of space. Note that magazine holder are inexpensive, neat and make a practical system for categorising storage.

b) Misc – Get kids to take 10 minutes everyday to organise their desks and schedule tasks. Get white boards for daily planning. Get them into habit early.

c) Music- Realise the power of soothing music eg playing or listening will relieves stress and outs the mind at ease for better concentration.

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