Special Needs for a Sensitive Child?

4) The Sensitive Child

These children are generally not assertive and will show signs of fear and caution. They may be overly shy and may have several anxieties, that in long run pose as a hurdle to making friends easily.  These kids are tuned in to the feelings of others and can sense the thoughts and emotions of others through body language and signs. As advised by one of our Inspired Tutor ( a special needs teacher) children of this personality type need an abundance of empathy and encouragement especially during lesson or doing a new activity. Tutor has to be patient and understand that they needs lot of attention. These children will respond well to compassionate tutor who display empathy. They will get motivated when they effort are well recognised and in turns will work hard to please both their parents and teachers. Remember to provide ample opportunities for this child to talk about what holds them back.  Given their diligence and eager to please attitudes, these kids will achieve great success in a nurturing environment.


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